Walmart has over 2.2 million employees worldwide, and all of them have gone through a new employee orientation. If you just got hired by Walmart, you might be wondering, “How long is new hire orientation at Walmart?” New employee orientation is a big deal when starting a job at Walmart. And if you are anxious to start, you might be asking, “How long does a Walmart orientation last?”

Walmart offers a one-day-long paid orientation for new employees. The Walmart orientation is long enough to provide information on company policies, required dress code, sales training, effective communication skills, and company culture.

When Walmart hires you as a new employee, you have to go through a mandatory orientation. Some mandatory orientation is necessary to become familiar with working at Walmart. You need to become familiar with the systems, policies and procedures.

As part of the mandatory orientation, you have to fill out paperwork and know the basics of Walmart company policies. Even if you think you already know what you need to know for the job, you must learn the ropes before starting with your regular work duties.

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How long is Walmart orientation?

The Walmart new employee orientation is one day long. It is a paid orientation for all new Walmart employees.

Will I get paid for orientation at Walmart?

You will get paid for attending your Walmart orientation. You are already working when you go through your orientation, so it’s normal to get paid.

How much you get paid depends on your pay rate. Your hiring manager should be able to tell you exactly how much you get paid before you start your orientation. But, it should be the same pay you get for your regular work.

How long do I have to wait to start my orientation?

After your job interview, you may get a job offer and time to go through your Walmart orientation. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know exactly how long you have to wait. But, you can expect a call within a few weeks after your background test, and drug test has been completed.

What should I bring to my orientation at Walmart?

Orientation is about learning about your job role and the company you work for. Therefore you should arrive ready to learn. And you should bring a notebook and a pen in case you need to take some notes.

You should also bring important documents such as your driver’s license (or picture ID) and social security card.

What time does orientation start at Walmart?

Walmart orientation generally starts sometime during normal business hours. But, there is no company-wide starting time for starting new employee orientation. Because morning hours are generally slower at Walmart stores, you can expect to start your orientation sometime during the morning hours.

What happens on orientation day at Walmart?

You may spend some time in a classroom setting or watch videos during your Walmart orientation. Most of the training is on-the-job training, not classroom training.

All new Walmart employees receive free training on orientation day in the following topics:

  • Safety procedures
  • Dress code
  • Communication skills
  • Sales training
  • Company culture
  • Company policies

How long is first day orientation at Walmart?

The first day orientation at Walmart is one day long. But, it takes longer than one day to learn everything you need to know. You may need several days to complete all of the required learning materials.

How long is Walmart orientation for stockers?

The orientation for Walmart stockers is about one day long. The orientation for Walmart stockers covers some of the basics required to perform your job. There is some training regarding safety, dress code, sales and communication training, and you are required to learn about company culture.

But, most of the training is on the job. There are a lot fewer hours spent in a classroom type of orientation than on the job hands-on training.

Do you start work right after orientation at Walmart?

It depends on the Walmart location if you start work right after orientation. Each store will handle the orientation according to its current labor needs. In some stores, employees might start work immediately after orientation, and in other stores, employees may start later.

Usually, there is a short waiting period after orientation before starting work at Walmart. Keep in mind that it can take a week for a drug and background test to come back. And you can’t start work until those tests have been completed, even if you have completed the orientation. So, it could take you a couple of weeks to start work after you are hired.

You generally start your Walmart orientation by filling out some of the required paperwork. Then, someone from HR may go over some stuff with you. During the orientation, you are also required to watch several videos. And then, you’ll have to complete some online training courses.

What do you wear to Walmart orientation?

You need to wear proper work attire to Walmart orientation. That means no flip-flops or shorts. And if you are unsure what to wear to the Walmart orientation, ask the hiring manager. They will provide you with their dress code requirements.

Make sure you wear something that is not only work-appropriate but also comfortable. If you stick with khaki or black pants and a polo shirt (no pictures or logos), you should be in good shape. Make sure you wear shoes. Don’t show up in crocs, sandals, or flip-flops. Also, avoid wearing wild color shirts. It’s best to stick with white, navy blue or black polo shirts.

How long is Walmart orientation for overnight stockers?

The orientation for Walmart overnight stockers is about a full shift. As part of your orientation, there may be some classroom learning. And they may make you watch some training videos on safety procedures, communication, sales, dress code, and company culture.

What to expect at Walmart orientation?

Expect to spend at least one day at Walmart orientation. The Walmart orientation includes some classroom learning, watching videos, and tests to measure how much you’ve learned.

The orientation may not take a full day, but it should take at least 4-5 hours on your first day. During the orientation, you will also complete some paperwork. The good news about Walmart orientation is that you don’t have to require it all in one day. For example, you may take several days to complete the video training courses.

According to some Walmart employees, you can finish the videos while on the clock. You just have to check with your supervisor to get permission.

Where to go for Walmart orientation?

During your job interview, ask where to go to Walmart orientation. But if you are already at the store, ask a Walmart employee to tell you where “personnel” is located. If you are lucky, they might even walk you to the personnel department.

Generally, the orientation is in the back of the store. Look for HR or personnel when you arrive for your orientation.

How long is Walmart orientation for personal shoppers?

The orientation for Walmart personal shoppers is about a full workday. As part of your job orientation, there may be some classroom and online learning. During your orientation, expect to watch some training videos on company culture, communication, sales, safety procedures, and dress code. And no orientation is complete without some tests.

How long is Walmart orientation for cashiers?

Walmart orientation for cashiers is about an 8-hour shift. You can take breaks during orientation. Also, there is a one-hour meal break during your orientation day.

Does Walmart distribution pay for orientation?

Walmart distribution pays for orientation. Expect to get paid for the duration of the orientation, even if it takes up to two weeks.

How long is an orientation at Walmart distribution?

Orientation at Walmart distribution is usually an 8-hour day. Just like during a normal shift, there will be breaks. Because of the breaks, expect to spend 9-hours at your full-day orientation.

What should I wear at my Walmart distribution orientation?

You should wear black or khaki long pants with a white or navy blue polo shirt. The polo shirt should have no pictures or logo. Also, make sure you wear close-toed shoes. Don’t show up wearing flip-flops, sandals, or crocs for your orientation.

How long is Walmart orientation hours?

Expect about eight hours of Walmart orientation. The orientation introduces you to your new workplace. It provides you with the basics of working for Walmart. And it is geared to make you feel prepared to work in your new job. The orientation will make you aware of company policies, procedures and expectations.

During your orientation, you will complete all essential paperwork. And you can ask questions to help you prepare for your new job.

How many hours is an orientation at Walmart?

A new employee orientation at Walmart is about eight hours long.

How much is Walmart orientation pay?

You should get your normal pay while you go through your orientation.

How long does it take for Walmart to hire you?

Typically, it takes Walmart seven days to hire you. Some people have reported being hired by Walmart faster than seven days.

The hiring process at Walmart isn’t very competitive, so you can expect to get hired fast. The Walmart hiring process consists of an application, one to two in-person interviews with management, a drug test, a background check, and a fitness test may also be required for certain roles.

Walmart employees report the interview process to be quick and simple. After the company verifies your information and confirms your availability from your job application, the hiring process is quick. The Walmart job interview is generally short.

Some Walmart employees report that getting hired is easier than keeping your Walmart job. Poor performance terminations are frequent. Walmart strives to maintain a high customer satisfaction rate and on-the-job performance. Employees who don’t maintain a high standard at work are quickly eliminated.

Five Steps of Getting Hired at Walmart

  • Application – Submit your online application.
  • Assessment – Complete the online assessment test.
  • First interview – The first interview is your chance to learn about the position and for Walmart to learn about you.
  • Second interview – After you pass the first interview, you might be asked back for a second interview.
  • Orientation – The orientation is the final step of getting hired for a Walmart job.

How long does your Walmart application stay on file?

Your Walmart application will stay on file for 60-days. So, after 60-days, you can refile your Walmart application. You can also contact the store where you applied to get a status on your application.


After a successful job interview and a job offer, you are on your way to becoming a Walmart employee. But before you start working, you are required to go through Walmart orientation.

Walmart provide paid orientation to all of its new employees. The Walmart orientation takes about eight hours. It introduces new hires to work safety, company culture, dress code, sales training, and communication skills. You should show up dressed casually and ready for work.

There may be some time between your orientation and your first full day of work. In addition to completing your orientation, you need to go through a drug test and a background test. And only after the results come in can you start working. It’s hard to know how long it will take, but you can expect a call from HR in less than two weeks.