What Does It Take To Be Successful?

3004, 2024

Make $100,000 In Your 1st 3-Months In Business

[adrotate group="4"] How do you make $100,000 in your first 3-months in business? Ben Hebert is a serial entrepreneur. In the following interview Ben Hebert shares how he is building Natural Stacks. Natural Stacks is an open-source dietary supplement company. Ben is also the founder of WhiteRaverRafting (WRR), an electronic dance music blog. Today WRR is one of the premiere dance music websites in North America.     [adrotate group="2"]

2904, 2024

3 Tips For Launching Your Business Website

These days, creating a website is easier than ever. With sites like WordPress and Wix, you can create a great-looking site in mere minutes. You don’t need any knowledge of web development or design. This is the best way to launch a blog or personal project.[adrotate group="4"] However, when it comes to starting a website for your business, you need something a little more involved. You need to do research to ensure you’re making the right choices for your business. Otherwise, you may end up losing potential clients. This still does not mean you need to hire a contractor to [...]

2804, 2024

How to Go From Failed Real Estate Investor To Bestselling Author

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to become an author entrepreneur? Johnny Andrews is the go-to guy for author entrepreneurs. Johnny's techniques for employing leveraged publishing systems has resulted in bestseller status publications. Johnny helps authors and content marketers sell more books by growing their audience, their influence and their leverage. Johnny Andrews is a multi-time bestselling author, publishing expert, entrepreneur, international speaker and business strategies consultant. Listen to the following interview to find out how Johnny went from failed real estate investor to publishing authority:   [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to Johnny at audiencehacker.com.

2704, 2024

How Much Is Your Company Worth

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to sell your business? Jock Purtle is the CEO of Digital Exits. Jock helps CEOs structure their companies to be salable and pairs them with investors who want to buy a proven business and scale it up. Listen to the following interview if you want to know what makes a business attractive to buyers.   [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to Jock at digitalexits.com.

2604, 2024

How To Build An 8000 Member Forum

How do you go from freelancing to building an 8000 strong virtual assistant forum? Tess Strand is the curator and creator of Virtual Assistant Forums, an online community for established and aspiring virtual assistants. Listen to the following interview to find out how Tess built her VA community.     Say hi to Tess at virtualassistantforums.com. Read Raw Transcript Now: Success Harbor: Hi everyone, this is George Meszaros with Success Harbor and I have Tess Strand with me. Tess is the curator and creator of VA Forums; an online networking community for established and aspiring virtual assistants. Welcome. Tess Strand: [...]

2504, 2024

7 Key Elements of a Successful Business

There is no set formula that will automatically generate growth and lead you to become a successful business overnight; it just isn’t possible. Achieving success in business takes a lot of time and dedication, and it is very rarely a linear progression. There are likely to be multiple ups and downs throughout your journey to success but to push you in the right direction, these are some elements that all successful businesses have incorporated into their strategies and development, which has helped them get to where they are now. Great Customer Service Without having high quality customer service, you just [...]

2404, 2024

How To Get Your MBA For $100

How to get an MBA for $100? Omar Zenhom is the co-founder of Business Republic and The $100 MBA. Omar attended Wharton business school and dropped out in frustration to build The $100 MBA. Omar has 14 years of business building experience and a background in higher education. He and his co-founder, Nicole Baldinu, are on a mission to revolutionize business education forever. Listen to the following interview to find out how The $100 MBA is changing the way entrepreneurs get a business education. If you or someone you know is thinking about pursuing higher education, make sure to [...]

2304, 2024

5 Reasons Why Having a Separate Work Phone Number is Important

A bigger percentage of small business owners do not have a separate phone number for their businesses. They use their personal phone numbers when running their business operations. Some limitations with this might include receiving texts from strangers, late-night calls, and not being able to differentiate personal calls from business ones, among others. Fortunately, business owners can now get separate phone numbers for their businesses without any problems. In this article, we will discuss reasons why having a separate work phone number is important. But before then, how do you get a second phone number? How To Get [...]

2204, 2024

How To Write A Book In A Weekend

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to write a book in a weekend? Donna Kozik is a former newspaper editor and senior communications specialist. She is a two-time award-winning book author. Her write a book in a weekend event started out as a Facebook group and quickly took on a life of its own. Listen to the following interview to learn what it takes to get your book written and published.   [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to Donna at writewithdonna.com.

2104, 2024

How To Ditch Fortune 500 To Build Your Own Startup

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to build an inbound marketing platform? Chris Mack is the CEO of Spokal, an inbound marketing platform for Wordpress. Spokal helps small businesses market themselves without having to learn online marketing. Chris spent 10 years automating manual processes with technology for Fortune 500s, including Microsoft, American Express and GE. He is well versed in the technical challenges Spokal faces. Prior to Spokal Chris also started a successful online dating company that grew to 50,000 users.   [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to Chris at getspokal.com.

2004, 2024

What Does It Take To Build An Honest Online Business

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to build an honest online business? If you aren't fooled by the latest get rich quick schemes and you are ready to build a real business, listen to the following interview. Caleb Wojcik is a filmmaker, podcaster, and online entrepreneur. He co-founded fizzle.co which is a site that helps entrepreneurs become better entrepreneurs.   [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to Caleb at fizzle.co.

1904, 2024

How To Go From Your Last $200 Dollars To Thai Millionaire

What do you do when you are down to your last $200 dollars? You become an entrepreneur. That's what Johnny FD did. Johnny is a location independent entrepreneur. In 2008, Johnny took a vacation to Thailand where he became passionate about scuba diving and Muay Thai. After his vacation Johnny sold everything he owned and returned to Thailand. After almost four years of travelling Johnny was down to his last $200. It is then, when he decided to become an entrepreneur. Let’s learn how Johnny is building his location independent business.     Read Raw Transcript Now: Success [...]

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