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2905, 2024

How to Transition a Service Business to a Product Business

[adrotate group="4"] How to transition your service business to a product business? Andrew Torba is the co-founder and CEO of Kuhcoon. Kuhcoon is a Facebook Ads management and optimization tool used by thousands of Facebook advertisers worldwide. Kuhcoon enables you to monitor your Facebook Ads from the palm of your hand. What is your business background? I studied Philosophy and Entrepreneurship as an undergraduate at The University of Scranton and Co-Founded my first startup when I was a Freshman. I spent a year, thousands of hours, and a lot of my savings to learn some valuable lessons about business, life, [...]

2805, 2024

Play Soccer Quit Law School Become A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

[adrotate group="4"] How do you stop doing what others expect you to do to pursue your entrepreneurial dream? Navid Moazzez is a lifestyle entrepreneur. He is a personal branding strategist, blogger, podcaster, and online marketer. Navid is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Navid helps entrepreneurs build their authority and powerful personal brand online, so that they can make more impact in their business and life. He’s also the host of the popular podcast and web show, The Lifestyle Architects featuring inspiring and successful lifestyle entrepreneurs, thought leaders and other change makers in the world doing extraordinary things. Listen to the following interview [...]

2705, 2024

From MIT To Learning Management System Entrepreneur

How do you go from MIT to Amazon to venture-backed entrepreneur? Sandi Lin is the CEO and cofounder of Skilljar. Skilljar provides businesses with an easy and flexible online course platform. Their instructors are using the platform to generate leads, sell courses, and improve customer success. The Skilljar founders were graduates of TechStars Seattle 2013. Skilljar received $1.1 million funding in November 2013. Sandi has an MBA from Stanford and 2 Engineering degrees from MIT. Listen to the following interview to find out how Sandi and her team are building Skilljar.   Say hi to Sandi skilljar.com.

2605, 2024

Serial Entrepreneur Building 5th Startup

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to start five businesses and sell three? Satya is the Founder and CEO of MartMobi. MartMobi helps online retailers go mobile in less than a day, through both mobile sites and native apps. Satya is a serial entrepreneur. He sold 3 startups prior to MartMobi which is his 5th startup. Listen to the following interview to find out how this serial entrepreneur is succeeding in business.   [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to Satya at martmobi.com.

2505, 2024

How Does an 18-Year-Old Start a Publishing Business

How to start a business at 18? 18, is a magic number for many. It is the sweet moment of becoming a legal adult. For Bassim Hamadeh, 18 was about becoming CEO of his academic publishing business. While others were only complaining about an inefficient university publishing system he sought to revolutionize it. His company, Cognella, has managed to reduce the publishing time of university teaching materials from years to months. How did he do it? Listen to the following Success Harbor interview to find out! Read Raw Transcript Now: Presenter: Hello, everybody and welcome to the Success Harbor Podcast with George [...]

2405, 2024

A Better Approach to Venture Capital

[adrotate group="4"] Every day you hear about new startups and their different stages of funding, seeding, and development. What you don’t hear about is how many of these startups after all the backing, support, and financing fall into obscurity. According to Forbes, nine out of ten startups will fail which means it is likely safe to say that no run of the mill venture capital firm has a 100% perfect record.  This is a problem that one Montreal company is looking to solve by breaking the traditional venture capital template. Launched in 2007, Momentum Ventures is proud to say they [...]

2305, 2024

Angel Investor Interview with Petri Lehmuskoski of Gorilla Ventures

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to get angel investors for your company? Petri Lehmuskoski is an angel investor who started six businesses, three of which became multi-million companies. His companies have been listed among the fastest growing Finnish companies multiple times. Since his exit in 2010, Petri became a full time angel investor. Petri takes an active role with his investments with a focus on building product/market fit and go-to-market tactics and strategies. He has managed and been responsible for market entries of brands such as Commodore, Logitech, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Activision, Apple, Take 2 and more. Petri believes that [...]

2205, 2024

5 Vital Marketing Metrics To Use At Your Business

Running a business in a tech-saturated world where everything is competing for attention is fraught with challenges. Marketing a product, generating leads, and gaining conversions are but a few components of a larger puzzle. Finding ways to stand out is essential and requires more enhanced methods to accomplish such a difficult task. Thankfully, leveraging marketing metrics and data can be the shot in the arm your business needs to get the job done. Using conversion funnels and heat mapping programs can be helpful, but metrics is the best tool you have to truly enhance your marketing. Getting ahead in business—and [...]

2105, 2024

Secrets to Build a Blog of 300,000 Monthly Visitors

[adrotate group="4"] You want a blog with hundreds of thousands of visitors, right? In a few short years, David Waring and Marc Posser have built a blog with over 300,000 monthly visitors. In the following interview, you can find out how they did it. Success Harbor: You and Marc Prosser are the founders of Fit Small Business. What is your business background? David Waring: Marc and I met at Forex Capital Markets (NYSE:FXCM) where he was the Chief Marketing Officer and I was the Head of Sales. Marc joined FXCM as it's first employee and I joined as the 9th. [...]

2005, 2024

Balance Between Sustainability and Economic Success for Your Business

[adrotate group="4"] The following is a sponsored post. Trying to make a business work economically is already a big challenge for most. Starting an organization with nothing more than an idea and turning that idea into something of tangible value is an amazing feat. To accomplish this while working towards sustainable goals is another challenge in itself. Far too many businesses fail to make it beyond their first 36 months, and all too often, the pursuit of revenue and profits overshadows the greater need, which is to develop a sustainable economic model. Large organizations are starting to take this matter [...]

1905, 2024

Stripe Analytics Founder Josh Pigford Shares Story Behind Baremetrics

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to start multiple successful businesses? Josh Pigford is a serial entrepreneur. He is the creator of Baremetrics.io, Temper.io, PopSurvey.com, PugSpot, Tiny Farmstead and other little bits of internet stuff. Josh's most recent business is Baremetrics. It is a zero setup, one click SaaS analytics for your Stripe account. In the following interview Josh shares his business story. Read Raw Transcript Now: Success Harbor: Hi everyone this is George Meszaros with Success Harbor and I have Josh Pigford with me. Josh is a serial maker of things. He designs and builds things like [...]

1805, 2024

Counterintuitive Tips for Boosting Your Career

You've heard all the usual tips for getting ahead in your career: have goals, be a team player, network more. You do all that and then some, yet you still feel stuck. What's going wrong? The answer is probably nothing--feeling stalled at certain points in your career is actually normal and can be good impetus to shake things up. If you're feeling as though it's time for a challenge or a change, consider the points below. What You're Bad At A lot of career advice is oriented toward figuring out what you're good at and bolstering those skills, but what [...]

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