George & Monika

Hey there! We are George Meszaros and Monika Beck, the co-founders of Success Harbor. We are serial entrepreneurs, readers, and writers. Most importantly, we are happily married and best friends forever.

We started Success Harbor to help you succeed in business and in life.

We have owned multiple businesses since 2003. We had many ups and downs starting, running, and growing businesses. We have learned so much about ourselves and building a happy life in the process.

Our mission is to help you succeed in business and in life. We want to share with you what we have learned about business and life since becoming entrepreneurs.

Success is not about money.

There were times in our lives when we made more money and were unhappy. Monika and I both had very well paying jobs we hated. We have also owned a business that was profitable and growing, yet we decided to sell it.

It’s true that we all need money, but if you define success by the money you will always be dissatisfied.

Success is about being honest about what you want and to refuse to settle for anything less.

Everyone should try to start a business at some point.

Our journey as entrepreneurs began in 2003 with an e-commerce business, selling custom wrapped chocolates. I wasn’t passionate about the product we sold, but the journey of building the business was exciting. The business transitioned into a company with ten employees and a 7000 square foot warehouse. At some point, we were importing 80 different products from various countries in Asia.

In 2007, my wife and business partner, Monika and I have decided to transition out of that business into website design and custom programming. The web business is a better fit for our personalities and our skill sets. It also fits our lifestyle and goals better.

In 2011, we have started a side business, called Trustegrity. It is a networking business for professionals with groups in multiple states. The business was growing, but we hated the business. We sold it and it is still growing.

Just like there is the right life partner for each of us, there is the right business for each of us.
It is important to identify the right business for you.
The right business will help you succeed and build a life that makes your a happier person.

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

The Success Harbor Mission is to:

  • Provide a platform to share entrepreneurial knowledge.
  • Acknowledge the attitude that “I don’t know everything, but I am open to ideas.” We understand that the journey of the entrepreneur is often a lonely one. We want to be the support system to maximize the chance for success in business.
  • Show that what seems impossible is achievable.
  • Share the philosophy that it takes time to succeed. Dedication and discipline are key ingredients of successful ventures.
  • Spread the word that there is life without venture capital. We share that, while there is a need for venture capital in some businesses, it is not a requirement for most. You can build a successful business without raising money.
  • Show that you can’t succeed alone. We understand that success is the result of a team effort. Even if you are a solopreneur there is a community here to support you.

George Meszaros

George Meszaros has served as CEO of Webene since 2007. He has worked in the Information Technology field since 1997. He has started several successful e-commerce businesses. George has taught technology courses at the college level. He is the author of Triumph of the Web, Revolutionize Your Business with Simple Online Strategies. You can contact George through our contact form.

Monika Beck

Monika serves as Chief Technology Officer. An expert technologist with a keen sense of business, Monika leads the technology team. She has started several successful e-commerce businesses. She holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology and worked in the IT field since 1998. She has also taught technology courses at the college level. You can contact Monika through our contact form.