Do you dream of a work from home job?

More people work from home in legitimate jobs than ever. The world today has become fast-paced, many individuals spend extra hours at the office which leaves less time for family, friends, leisure, and to yourself. The thought of getting a job that allows you to work from home has probably crossed your mind. Not only does it allow you to stay home with the kids, it also allows you to structure your work life the way you want. It will even give you the opportunity to be self-employed, be your own boss.

Now you have probably thought of the idea of working from home but it is important to be carefully. It may not be easy for some to move from working in an office environment to a work from home job. Plus there are more distractions and reasons to procrastinate at home than in the office. Our guide will help you decide whether or not it is suitable for you.

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How working from home can benefit you?

Working from home can actually be quite beneficial for employees. If we look at it from a psychological standpoint it actually can work wonders for them. How? You ask:

Work from home and cut out your commute

Ask any employee that has to commute for over 30 minutes to work, what is the most stressful part of their day? Most will probably answer, the commute. Whether being stuck in traffic or traveling on a jam-packed bus or train, the commute to and from work can be tasking. Having to do it 5-6 times a week can really affect the stress level of your employees. Working from home allows them to skip the whole process of commuting since they will work at home. This allows them to be more focused and less stressed out even before they start their day at the office. An added bonus to no commute is the fact that your employees also save money whether it is in the form of paying for gas or a train or bus ride.

Employees work independently

In 2013, Accenture reported that around 31% of Americans quit their jobs due to not liking their boss. The statistic only takes into account those that quit a job, not those that have no option but to stick to their job even though they don’t really like their boss. Bosses can be quite pushy, they are result oriented and don’t really take their personnel’s well-being into account when it comes to achieving their goals. Which results in employees being put in stressful situations and even having no option but to work extra hours.

The opportunity of working from home allows employees to be more independent, sort of be their own boss or self-employed. They decide their own schedule and can work around their home life. This will ensure that they will work for the hours they have dedicated and can have the rest of the day for themselves. This not only empowers employees but also gives them a sense of responsibility.

Working from home employees will be more productive

There is nothing better than a happy employee. They just seem to work better and be more productive. Keeping employees happy isn’t always easy. One of the major issues they face at work is maintaining a work-life balance. The concept of maintaining a work-life balance is not as easy in the fast-paced world today. Allowing employees to work from home gives them an excellent way to maintain work-life balance. This will give them more time to spend with the family and do things they enjoy while also working side by side.

Keeping an employee mentally fit is important since their productivity depends on it. Home-based employment gives them the perfect environment to work and remain happy and mentally fit.

Home based work is as beneficial for employers as it is for employees.

Companies save money with remote work

The first thing you will save money on is office space. You won’t need an office space if your workforce is working from home. Even if you do, you will only require little space so you will save quite a lot of money. No office space also means you don’t really require office supplies. There may be the case of having to provide employees things like printing paper and other office supplies if the work requires them to use supplies excessively. But you can monitor the cost and there won’t be much wastage of supplies.

Businesses grow with remote employees

We have already covered the fact that allowing employees to work at home can lead to an increase in productivity. Which should have a positive impact on your business. There are tons of other factors that can have a positive impact on your business:

  • Not a lot of wasted time: In the office, there are a lot of opportunities to waste time. Pointless meetings, spending time talking with colleagues, and so on can be huge time wasters. These things are cut out when your employee works from home. Not wasting time is an important factor in developing a successful business.
  • Employee retention: A happy employee is not just going to decide and quit a job out of the blue. The loyalty of employees is important when you look to grow your business. Losing an employee is not good for business, hiring and training a new one is costly and requires time. So retaining an employee is vital to your business success.
  • Less sick days and even vacation days: Unless your employee is bedridden, chances are they can work from home even if they are sick. Since they already have the setup needed at home, even when they are sick they can complete important tasks for you. Since working from home also allows employees to spend more time with family, there are chances that they will skip on taking longer vacations with them.

It is fairly easy for an online business to offer internet jobs or home-based work. However, even established businesses can do it without much of an investment. With the help of technology, home-based work and work from home companies have become quite popular. You have numerous different softwares available like Skype that allow you to discuss work with both employees and clients. Other than that, there are different CRM systems which allow you to easily manage customer details and accounts so work can easily be delegated and updated on these. Home based employment is a lot easier today than it was a decade or so ago, thanks to the advancement in technology.

There are numerous benefits to giving employees the opportunity to work from home. However, it isn’t all roses.

The issues with work from home jobs

Remote work and lack of community

Home based jobs allow you and your employees to work pretty much on your own. There are occasional meetings in which everyone interacts but there is no sense of community. Working in an office together helps co-workers develop a bond with one another and form an office community. Some even form friendships that last them a lifetime. Home based work takes the chance of bonding and building an office community away.

There is also a risk of cultural barriers with home-based employment. When hiring, you probably look for the best talent not taking location and culture into mind, which is completely okay. Different cultures have different work ethics which may not match with your own. You need to take that into consideration when hiring remote employees.

Work in isolation

As a business, it is important that you can trust your employees if they work in an office with you can ensure the work that needs to be done gets done. The trust level in online business and home-based employment has to be much higher. Since you are not there physically, you need to trust that your employee gets the work done in time and up to the standard you require. If you don’t hire an employee that is responsible, getting work done will not be easy.  This is totally dependent on the type of employee you hire, so you should be very diligent in your hiring process.

Some people can strive under isolation while others lack motivation. If you are considering home-based work, it is important that you factor in your abilities and decide accordingly.

More chances of distractions

Home-based employment isn’t easy. Yes, you give your employees a chance to stay home with the kids and family while they work. But that also gives them more chances of being distracted. It is important you find an employee that is focused and sticks to the schedule that is discussed. There are tons of distractions at home that can easily drive them away, not everyone is able to separate their work and home life. However, if they are responsible they will be sure to get the work done.

Whether you are an employer looking for a home-based worker or a person looking for home-based employment. It is important that you stay focused and committed to the job. The lack of community and the distractions can be tough but staying focused on the task at hand can help you achieve your goals for yourself and the business.

Getting employed in a trusted home-based company

They approach you

Chances are if you are approached for a job without even applying for it, it is fake. Think of it like the Nigerian King/Prince email scam, where someone promises you a chunk of their cash if you provide them your personal details. Many people are contacted by companies that discover them on LinkedIn offering home based jobs and disappear a few weeks into the job.

If you are ever contacted by a company out of the blue it is important you do a thorough check into them before you begin working for them.

They ask for personal details or bank information

A company will never ask you for personal details such as bank information straight out of the gate. They will also never ask you to pay them and in return, you will be given a job or anything of that sort. So beware of any company that asks for such details straight out of the gate.

They only conduct interview over phone or chat

It is pretty shady in the today’s world if a company decides to interview you over just the phone or chat. With Skype and other video conferencing software readily available and free, most legit companies prefer to keep remote interviews through video calls. It builds trust with the employee. If a company doesn’t agree to video call interview then you may want to flag it.

It is important that you thoroughly check the company. Make sure to go to their website, check Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if they are registered and for their rating to get a better idea. A lot of online scams have been notified by BBB and it is a great source of reference to help you find legit businesses.

There are numerous different types of scams out there. Businesses that have been flagged have become smart. So be aware not to pay any business online or provide them with any personal information. You should also be careful and stay clear of pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing companies. They claim to provide you with an easy way of making an income but most are just scam.

Reporting a scam

If you do come across a scam be sure to report it, so it will help others that are also on the hunt from falling for the scam. They can be reported to the Federal Trade Commission, BBB, and your state’s state attorney.

It is important that you are aware of the typical jobs posted for home-based employment. There are numerous different platforms online that allow for freelance work. In addition, there are thousands of companies that offer legitimate work from home jobs. Know what you want to do then set out for your search for legitimate businesses that can offer you a job.

Jobs you can find under home based employment

  • Telemarketer/Sales Representative: make calls to a list of people in which you describe the products and services offered by the company and try to get them to purchase it. This can also be done through email and chat.
  • Project Manager: This position varies based on what type of field it is for. However, the job entails taking over a project and ensuring its deliverables are completed in time. This also includes managing people to ensure everything is completed on time.
  • Consultant: Another position that varies on the type of consultancy offered. The job basically entails giving suggestions in how a business can improve or enhance itself.
  • Writer/Editor: provide writing and editing services online. These can vary from book writing/editing to basic article writing/editing.
  • Marketing jobs: Online marketing has become quite a big thing for businesses, it is vital for their success. Many of which look for freelance online marketers that can assist with their SEO, Social Media Marketing, and so on.
  • Designer: Provide graphic design assistance, the extent of this varies and can be for marketing materials, website, fashion, or any other type of design work.

The list doesn’t just stop there. If you have specialized in a particular field then you can certainly find a home based job that caters to it. You should know what you want to do and search accordingly.

Finding a legitimate business for work at home

Finding legitimate companies with the hundreds of scams out there may not be easy. If you already have a job then you can even think about asking your employer to allow you to telecommute. If you take this approach you need to highlight the benefits of a telecommute job from the company’s point of view and we have already listed those for you.

You need to track down companies that are reputable in providing home based jobs and focus on them. Don’t go for companies you can’t find much information and reviews for, those are a risk. If the company has been in business for years, chances are others have reviewed them and this is a wonderful way of ensuring they are legit. Once again, you need to check BBB to ensure the business is listed and has a good rating with them.

Companies that provide telecommuting opportunities

We have a list for you of companies you can look at that offer telecommuting opportunities, you should probably start your job hunt with these. They are reliable and make sure to take care of their employees, even if they are working from home.

Fiverr – If you have skills like graphic design, you can earn a few extra dollars on Fiverr. You won’t get rich working on Fiverr, but it is a great way to earn a little extra cash.

Flexjobs – Flexjobs is a great resource to filter the junk out of legitimate work from home jobs.

Foap – If you love taking photos, this might be the ideal work from home job for you. Foap is an online photo marketplace. On Foap you can sell the photos you take with your smartphone.

Google Opinion Rewards – You can earn Google Play credit by answering quick surveys. Getting started is easy. You just download the Google Opinion Reward app.

Lenovo: Enterprise that makes computer and other electronic devices

Liveops – Liveops offers work from home customer service jobs.

MusicXray – Get paid to listen to music.

National Consumer Panel – Complete online surveys to earn cash, gift cards, and other rewards.

VIPKID: A platform that provides virtual learning for Chinese kids

SAP: Business that provides enterprise software to enhance business management

Salesforce: CRM provider that makes managing businesses easier, especially client information

Nielsen: Global data gathering company

Adobe: Business that provides different software

Kforce: A professional staffing force

JPMorgan Chase: A multinational bank

Online Verdict – Earn extra money to be part of online legal focus groups.

Opinion Outpost – Get paid for sharing your opinions.

Pro Referral – You can market your professional services with Pro Referral. Pro Referral is owned by Home Depot.

Scoopshot – A great work from home job opportunity for photographers.

Slicethepie – Get paid for your opinion. Slicethepie claims to be the largest paid review site on the internet.

Snapwire – This is another work from home job opportunity for photographers.

Sutherland Cloudsource – If you want to work from home a customer service agent, check out Sutherland Cloudsource.

Sykes –  Home based customer service jobs. Sykes is a company that has been in business since 1977.

TaskRabbit – TaskRabbit is a great way for you to earn some extra cash by offering services to local people. They have gigs for handyman, landscapers, laborers, and more.

TeenEyes – If you have some teenagers between 13 and 18, you can help them look into TeenEyes. is an online survey panel of teenagers between 13 and 18.

Teletech – Established in 1982, Teletech offers part-time and telecommuting jobs. They employ over 40,000 people globally. – A great work from home opportunity is to become a tutor.