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8 Ways to Earn Passive Income

Do you dream of making money while you sleep?

Passive income is a reality for many entrepreneurs. They make money around the clock because they have built a business on passive income.

Before we dig deeper into passive income, here is what passive income is NOT:

  • Passive income is not a get rich quick scheme. Most people who make a living with passive income have worked at it for a long time. For example, I am a professional blogger. I make money in multiple ways as a blogger. I have been blogging for years. Anyone who is serious about making money blogging understands that it takes time, focus, and dedication to succeed.
  • Passive income is not automatic. Passive income requires work, work, and work.
  • Passive income is not without effort. There is a lot of learning involved.

Here is what passive income IS:

It is true that technology, the Internet, and the global economy made passive income easier than ever. The invention of smartphones has allowed us to access the internet anywhere, and with this has come more and more opportunities to earn passive income.

While you do still have to put some effort into generating passive income, passive income allows you to make money on your own time by using skills you already have or with the help of a virtual team.

These are eight ways to earn passive income.

Start a Blog

You can start a blog and become a professional blogger. While a blog does require work to update it regularly, once it gets going, it can be a great source of revenue. I make money in several ways with my blog. There are companies who pay to advertise. I get paid for sponsored and guest posts. I also generate revenue with Google Adsense. I also sell books. There are much more ways to make money blogging.

Do you want to start making money as a blogger? Read my free step-by-step guide on how to start a blog.

Build an App

Because most apps sell for only $.99, many people are willing to try them out. If you have an interesting idea that can be translated into an app form, chances are it will sell. There are many programs that help you build an app, so you don’t even need to be too tech-savvy.


Starting a business takes a lot of capital in order to buy inventory, but with dropshipping, you use another vendor’s inventory. Create a storefront in an online marketplace like Shopify. Once an order is placed, you get your manufacturer to ship directly to your customer. Whatever the difference is between what you pay your manufacturer, and what your customer pays becomes your profit.


Use the skills that you have gained in your day job and put them to work at night or on weekends. While this does take a bit more time and energy, it should be fairly easy as it is something you already do.

Sell your stuff

Look around your house at all of your unwanted items. Chances are, somebody else does want them. Take the time to organize and de-clutter and post those items on Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist. Check out our interview with LaJuan Stoxstill-Diggs, who built a business selling on Craigslist.

Play Poker

After first understanding that you will be playing with real money, if you feel like you have a chance, try your luck with online poker games.

Create a website

Think of something that isn’t offered anywhere else and make a website that fills that need. This can be similar to your blog or a chance to sell something that you have made. Use the power of social networking to advertise for free.


Children and teenagers that belong to Generation Z don’t watch TV anymore. Instead, they watch YouTube. Create your own channel and upload videos. When people watch your videos, they also must watch advertisements, which is how you generate revenue.

While earning a passive income does take work, it is something that can be made in addition to your main source of income. So, the next time you’re playing a game on your smartphone, or trolling through Facebook, think of all the money that you could be making instead of wasting time.

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