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How to Resign From Amazon? [Everything You Need to Know!]

Quitting a job, even if you work for a huge company like Amazon, can be stressful. And when you are under stress, you may not always make the best decisions. So, I want to help you quit your Amazon job the right way.

For some people, resigning from Amazon is as simple as finding the nearest “Exit” sign. But it takes more to resign from your Amazon job the right way. So, if you are wondering “How to resign from Amazon” this article is for you.

There is a right way and a wrong way to resign from a job. When you quit your job, Amazon calls it “voluntary termination.” The good news is you can resign without giving a two-week notice. So, what is the right way to resign from Amazon?

You can resign from Amazon by contacting HR. Write HR a letter of resignation. Your note should include your name, your position, your last day on the job, and your contact information. Another way to resign from Amazon is to use the Amazon A to Z app. On the home screen, scroll down to the “Thinking of leaving Amazon?” section. Tap, and complete the form.

How to resign from Amazon?

You can resign from Amazon by contacting the Amazon HR department or by using the Amazon A to Z app. Both options offer employees to resign from Amazon.

resign from amazon

Another option is to resign by notifying your supervisor. But, your supervisor could submit the paperwork incorrectly, or forget, or screw up some other way. Letting your boss handle your resignation is not without risks. The safest way to resign is directly through HR or use the Amazon A to Z app.

How to resign from Amazon through HR?

You can easily resign from Amazon by contacting the HR department. Give HR your last day on the job. Inform HR in writing. So, a phone call is insufficient because there is no record of your resignation. The best way to resign is to inform HR through the Amazon website app, an email, or a letter.

How to Quit Amazon

If you want to quit Amazon, you should write a resignation letter and forward it to HR or your supervisor.

Include the following information in your letter of resignation:

  • Your full name
  • A sentence stating that you resign from your Amazon position
  • Date of your last day on the job.
  • Contact information (email, phone number, and mailing address)

Can I resign from Amazon?

You can resign from Amazon if you are ready for a change. Quitting your Amazon job is about as simple as placing an order on the retailer’s website. In the Amazon A to Z app, there is a link close to the bottom of the page that says “Thinking of leaving Amazon?”

You click the link and you are on your way to becoming an ex-Amazon employee. From the menu you select the reason for leaving your job, your last day on the job. You can also ask HR to contact you.

But before you quit, ensure you have no obligations to Amazon. Did you sign an employment contract? Do you have to repay part of  the relocation costs or a bonus?

Should I resign or take the Amazon yearly resignation offer?

If you can use the money, you might want to take the Amazon annual resignation bonus. Your Amazon facility may offer you “The Offer” or the annual resignation bonus.

The bonus amount ranges from $1000 to $5000, depending on seniority. Basically, the longer you’ve worked for Amazon, the larger the amount.

Accepting the offer could help you financially. Therefore, you should consider it if you can postpone your resignation. The offer is generally made in January.

Of course, there are some caveats with the Amazon resignation offer. If you accept the “pay to quit” offer, don’t expect to be re-hired by Amazon or any of its affiliates, such as Zappos.

Since the bonus is income, it will be taxed.

What is the best way to resign from Amazon?

The best way to resign from Amazon is to leave the company on good terms. If you resign from your job in the right manner, you get the opportunity to be rehired in the future. You may not feel like working for Amazon, but that may change in the future. So, don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity.

Does Amazon rehire after quitting?

Amazon rehires employees who quit. But, with any employer, it would improve your chances for rehire if you leave your Amazon job on good terms. In other words, don’t burn any bridges if you want to get rehired in the future.

Also, keep in mind that before you can apply for a job with Amazon as an ex-employee, you are required to wait for at least 90-days. This sounds like a reasonable requirement.

But if Amazon terminates your contract (that means you were fired), you have to wait one year before you can reapply.

This is true with any job; if you quit on good terms, there is a good chance of getting rehired in the future. It’s always a good idea to leave on the best terms. Professionally, it can hurt your career if you leave a bad impression.

It makes sense that companies have their own policies on rehiring employees who quit.

How soon do I have to notify my manager at Amazon that I am leaving the organization?

As soon as you have made a decision to quit your Amazon job, you should notify your manager. If at all possible, make sure you leave your job on amicable terms. Leaving your job on good terms gives you a better chance of getting rehired. This is important even if at the moment, you don’t feel like working for Amazon.

How do I resign from Amazon immediately when I am in the training period?

You can resign from Amazon immediately when you are in the training period. Using the Amazon A to Z app may be the simplest way to resign while you are still in training. Another option is to contact Amazon HR in writing and submit a letter of resignation.

Include the following in your letter of resignation:

  • Your name
  • Your position and department
  • Effective last day of work
  • Contact information (your email, phone number, and mailing address)
  • There is no need to get into the reason for quitting your job.

But, if you aren’t serious about resigning and want attention, you can ask to speak with your immediate supervisor.

Can I resign from Amazon if it’s only been 3-weeks since joined?

You can resign from Amazon even if it’s only been 3-weeks since you joined the company. If you feel that it was a mistake to take the job, or you changed your mind, you can quit your Amazon job.

No matter when you resign from Amazon, it’s important to do it. Submit your resignation to HR in writing. In your letter of resignation, include your name, job title, your last day on the job, and your contact information, including your email address, phone number and mailing address.

What if I am not sure about resigning from Amazon?

If you have doubts about resigning from Amazon, perhaps you should consider one of the alternatives:

  • Unpaid Time Off (UPT) – As a blue badge associate, you get up to 20-hours of UPT each quarter. You can use UPT points to take a break and make a decision to resign. You can request UPT using the Amazon A to Z app.
  • Vacation benefits – Use the Amazon A to Z app to submit your vacation request. If you don’t get your vacation approved within a couple of days, you can bring it up with your supervisor. You could take advantage of your vacation benefits until you figure out what to do about your job situation. If you still want to resign after your vacation, at least you gave it some consideration.
  • Leave of absence – Sort center and fulfillment associates can take a leave of absence for family, medical, parental, and other reasons. You can request a leave of absence from HR or your supervisor.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) – Every Amazon employee has access to PTO. If you still have PTO hours left, use them to give you more time about quitting your job. At least, you will get paid while you are making a decision.

How do I quit my job at an Amazon warehouse?

To quit your job at an Amazon warehouse, you can contact HR or quit using the Amazon A to Z app, if it’s available to you. If you are going to resign through the HR department, make sure you submit your resignation in writing. There is no need to call or try to explain to HR. Stick to the basics, your name, your job title, your last day on the job, and your contact information.

Quitting your job at Amazon should be about as simple as opening a trouble ticket. It would be good to give a two-week notice when you quit, but it’s not a must.

How do I self resign on Amazon?

You can self resign on Amazon using the Amazon A to Z app. Look for a link that states “Thinking of leaving Amazon?” Just follow the process in the app and you are on your way to self-resign from your Amazon job.

What happens if you resign from Amazon?

After you resign from Amazon you will receive a voluntary termination (a fancy name for quitting your job) email. It will take a few days for the email notice to arrive.

In some states (for example, Michigan, Colorado, Massachusetts), you may get your accrued PTO and vacation hours after you have resigned.

Does Amazon require a 2-week notice?

Amazon doesn’t require a 2-week notice.

What’s the fastest way to leave your Amazon job?

The fastest way to leave your Amazon job is to walk off and never come back. Others choose to finish their shift and never come back to work another day. While these are the quickest ways to quit your Amazon job, they aren’t the most professional.

Unfortunately, when you leave your job without properly resigning, you will get flagged for job abandonment. Walking off the job is going to prevent you from getting another opportunity to work for Amazon.

If you quit Amazon, can you go back?

If you quit Amazon, you can go back. Technically, you can apply for a job at Amazon after you quit. You can apply as soon as your resignation is confirmed, which is 24 hours after your last shift worked.

Sometimes Amazon employees quit a job in one location because their transfer to another Amazon location doesn’t go through. So, instead of transferring from one Amazon location to another, some employees decide to quit one location and apply to another.

According to some reports, Amazon employees who are rehired after quitting may be rehired at a lower pay rate.

What happens when you resign from Amazon?

After you resign from Amazon, you will receive a voluntary termination email. The termination email should land in your inbox within a few days. It basically confirms that you have resigned from Amazon.

After you have received the voluntary termination email, you don’t need to do anything else. But you can still ask for a letter of recommendation.

After you resign, you may get paid your accrued vacation hours and Paid Time Off (PTO).


You can quickly and easily resign from your Amazon job. Amazon has simplified the process, making resignation quick and painless. Whether you think the job isn’t a good fit or if you have mental health or personal issues, you can quit your job in a few easy steps.

The most important thing about resigning from your job is to do it professionally. You can inform HR or use the Amazon A to Z app to notify Amazon that you are resigning from your position. If you resign the right way, you can leave your job. And if you decided later that you want to work for Amazon again, you can. Leaving your job on good terms ensures that you are eligible for rehire.

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