What’s stopping you from starting a business?

Want to get out of the employee rut and into owning your own business?  Here are 34 great business ideas you can start right away.

But they need a ton of money, mega skills, and extraordinary luck, right?  Wrong! In fact, you can start a business with no money. Let’s look at the Whys and Wherefores of great business ideas.

Great business ideas start with you.  Why do you want to be a business owner?  What drives you?  What are your best skills?  Drive, determination, energy, some money, luck, and hard work will have you on your way in no time.


The very first business decision you will want to tackle is around starting an internal / home-based business or an external one.  Internal can be online or using your home as an office/production/packaging site or actually running business in your home.  External can be ‘on the go,’ completely mobile or site/storefront dependent. Think about equipment, space, privacy, your activity level, potential vehicles, etc.

Take a look at the examples below and see which ones might fit into the category you think you will develop.



Freelancing businesses:

  • Online Researcher
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Content Writer
  • Translation
  • Software development
  • Graphic design
  • Voice overwork
  • Medical Transcription

Work from home:

  • Gift basket maker
  • Child ID products
  • eBay vendor and buyer
  • Online antique book store – where you buy and stock the books in your home and sell through an online presence

Work is in your home – client lives with you or comes to your home for services:

  • Residence for the elderly or physically challenged
  • Esthetics – hair, nails
  • Massage, physiotherapy

ON THE GO BUSINESSES – where you are out and about bringing yourself to the client:

  • Networking – Business mixers
  • Auto swap meet promoters
  • Career Counselor
  • Nanny Service
  • Health/Fitness Coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • Or take it further to develop and run health and fitness centers for large businesses

MOBILE BUSINESSES (Dependent on you and your vehicle – e.g., equipment, packages, pet transport):

  • Graffiti Removal
  • Mobile Paper Shredding Business
  • Mobile Auto Detailer
  • Mobile Pet grooming
  • Pet Taxi
  • Massage therapist
  • Messenger/delivery service

EXTERNAL LOCATION BUSINESS – external site or storefronts required:

  • Mailbox rental business
  • Specialty shops
  • Consignment store
  • Temporary Employment Agency
  • Franchisee

So now you’ve thought about a category and maybe even a general service – What’s next? Do you need to take some training, get better insurance, or complete some renovations?  That can all wait for a bit.  First, you’ll need to get some clarity about your vision.  What exactly do you want to do? Where? When?  For whom?

Here is one example.

Maybe you know for sure that you don’t want to work at home all the time, you know you are really good with animals and you like the idea of getting out and about to provide some kind of pet services.  As well, you already own a van, truck, or camper that you could easily and inexpensively equip for your business.  You are still not completely clear about what that would look like though or what it might cost.

You go on the web and look up specifics.  For each and every one of the great business ideas listed above, there are literally hundreds of websites with valuable information as you select then research to refine your business goals. For example, you might search mobile pet businesses.  One google search of that phrase – mobile pet businesses – yields pages of links to web sites that share ideas for starting pet-related businesses, as well as presently operating pet businesses that you can then check out for the specific services they offer and the range of rates they are paid for those services.

I recommend that you reach out to someone who is already in the business you want to start. Most people are willing to share their experiences with others, so don’t be afraid to reach out. You will learn a lot from speaking to someone who is already in business. Don’t start a business without speaking with at least one entrepreneur. It will help you in the long run.


These days most businesses require a cell phone (I don’t know anyone who doesn’t own one already.), computer, strong, consistent internet connection, printer, website, and business cards. Most of these you already have or can get quickly and inexpensively.  Those expenses are necessary to stay connected in today’s world – maintaining visibility, making appointments, keeping records of clients specific needs, emailing or printing out invoices and receipts.  You may also want to look into an inexpensive method of taking credit card payment.

No matter what your choice may be, you will need to be visible to create a customer base.  Network Network Network!  On line and in person.  Networking is easier than many people think. Join business clubs to expand your contacts and keep a record of them.  Small business organizations are excellent support to you as you start and grow your business.  Their value cannot be stressed enough.

Above we used the pet business example; here is where your contacts can work to your advantage.  Is there a graphic designer in your small business organization – one who could design your Logo?  What about a mechanic?  Working with them will strengthen your connections to them and to the group.

Get clear about what you want to do.  Make your selection from one of the great business ideas listed on this site and many more.  Plan your vision, and your steps then move toward success with energy, drive, and enthusiasm.