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Justin Weinger is in his 30s and he is making a solid income from his blog as a part time business. In 2013, he had purchased sooverthis, a blog helping people with their financial issues. Justin works in corporate finance during the day and blogs at night.

I really like Justin’s story because he is making a solid 6-figure income ($91,659 in August) blogging about something he is passionate about.

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If you are thinking about starting a blog, this interview will give you a bit of insight into how to succeed as a professional blogger.

Success Harbor: What were your goals when you have purchased the sooverthis blog in 2013?

Justin Weinger: My goal was to maximize revenue! As well as increase my overall visibility to other bloggers and media agencies.

Success Harbor: How was the blog monetized by the time you have purchased it?

Justin Weinger: Mainly through private ads and clickable ads.

Success Harbor: According to your August Income Report you have made $91,659 from your blog. Congratulations. How did you start working with advertisers?

Justin Weinger: They started contacting me years ago on my first site I created. After awhile I began to build an email distribution list of all of the media agencies I had worked with.

Success Harbor: What tactics can you offer bloggers to find advertisers for their own sites?

Justin Weinger: Often times they need to find you, otherwise it’s about pleasing them so they come back for return business. Or you can seek out an media broker such as myself and I can find advertising your site(s).

Success Harbor: How do you think about content creation to maximize its potential for monetization?

Justin Weinger: I don’t put a lot of thought into content creation. I like to make my articles about personal financial experiences I want to share, and I want to be forthcoming and transparent so the readers can relate to me better.

Success Harbor: What is your recommendation for creating blog posts that outperform competing blog posts?

Justin Weinger: You can do keyword research, but it’s a guessing game. I would focus on obtaining quality backlinks to those posts.

Success Harbor: Can you give us a couple of examples of building quality backlinks for your blog?

Justin Weinger: Building backlinks is all about networking with bloggers in your own niche!

Success Harbor: What are your most effective traffic building tactics?

Justin Weinger: Facebook, Pinterest, and networking with other bloggers.

Success Harbor: Can you give us an idea of what you are spending your time on to keep your blog going and growing?

Justin Weinger: Building quality backlinks and utilizing social media promotion. But most importantly, being transparent about everything…like my online income.

Success Harbor: Is there anything else about becoming a professional blogger that you believe our audience should know about?

Justin Weinger: It’s hard work but the hours are very flexible.

Success Harbor: How can people find out more about you or get in contact with you?

Justin Weinger: Feel free to email me directly or contact me through my site.

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