[adrotate group=”4″] Have you tried searching for your own services or products on Google? Didn’t come up on the first page? Don’t worry; these 10 SEO fixes are super quick and easy.

10 Super Simple SEO Fixes to Rank on Google

1) Are you using alt text for your images?

This is so easy to do and literally takes no time. For every image you upload to your website, you should add alt text to it.

The three keys?

  • Short and simple
  • Keyword-rich, but not spammy
  • Describes the image

2) Optimize Your Title Tags

Your title tag is one of the most important pieces for your website’s SEO! It’s also a really easy SEO fix.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Use long-tail keywords, but also make it easy to read
  • Putting the keywords first might help (it’s debatable)
  • Keep them short (50-60 characters)
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3) Always Use Headings

Always use at least one heading in your content. Google scans headings for keywords and uses them to determine what will be in the content below. Having a descriptive heading with some top keywords thrown in will get your higher in the results. Just remember you’re writing for people, not Google!

4) Sharing is Caring

Google doesn’t perform a search for social sharing. But, it does crawl Twitter, Facebook, and the like to determine what is on a site. So the more shares you get the easier it is to be found.

You can do this by:

  • Adding share buttons on your blog
  • Posting your stuff on social media
  • Adding cool images (Wouldn’t you rather share something with an image?)
  • Ask! Your readers are more likely share if you just ask them to.

5) Fix your URL’s

Your URL still matters to Google so use keywords in them!

Here’s a few points:

  • Don’t use “stop” words like “of”, “and”, “or”, etc. Google doesn’t like these.
  • Use less than 60 characters
  • Use good site structure

6) Write a good meta description

A meta description is more for people than for Google. But still include some keywords in it so people searching can find what they’re looking for. The meta field is the description below the link in search results. See the example below.

seo fixes

7) Link to Influential Sites

Another important, though easy, SEO fix is to include links to strong sites. Google wants to know that you are providing quality content. If you link to quality content, Google takes note of it and ranks your content higher.

8) Don’t forget you’re writing for people, not Google.

While it may seem like a good idea to do everything to optimize for Google, you need to remember your audience. Google isn’t searching for your content. Google isn’t going to buy from you. Besides, if you have genuine high quality content, Google will find that out and rank you higher. SEO isn’t about spamming keywords anymore.

9) Stay Fresh

Google loves new content. They rank partially based on how fresh your content is. Ideally you want to post every day, but once a week should suffice. Any shorter than that and it might be your customers forgetting about you before Google.

10) Homonyms can be bad

When you’re searching for “apple”, are you searching for a red delicious or the company? Homonyms like this one are bad for Google, because unfortunately (perhaps fortunately?) their robots are not yet sentient enough to know the difference. Try to stay away from them if you can.

Hope you find these SEO fixes helpful! If you want some extra help with your SEO, contact us today.

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