Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages today. There is such a huge demand for Python developers that you never have to worry about not finding a job. Companies simply can’t find enough Python developers. So if you want a promising career in tech, consider becoming a Python developer.

It’s an excellent career choice to become a Python developer. Python developers are in-demand and can earn above $150,000. Choose this career if you enjoy discovering new technologies, solving problems, and working with other intelligent people.

Is Python Developer a Good Career choice?

Working as a Python developer is a good career for several reasons:

  • There is an increasing demand for Python developers in the United States and around the world.
  • Virtually all large companies hire Python developers.
  • Python developers demand high salaries.

Working as an experienced Python developer, you could earn above $125,000.

Why should you make a career in Python?

Not only are there thousands of unfilled Python developer positions, but the number of unfilled positions continues to grow. Therefore, you can rest assured that there are thousands of Python developer positions available for you in a wide array of industries.

Python is ranked as one of the top programming languages globally. This programming language can be used for many tasks, from building websites to game development.

You can also work on AI and machine learning projects if you choose the Python developer career path.

What makes Python a good career?

The biggest benefit of the python developer career is that it’s easy to find a job. There is a huge competition among job applicants in many other careers, but companies will compete for Python developers.

If you have at least some basic Python skills, you can easily get a job. In addition, the Python developer career offers a high degree of job security because it is used in almost every IT task, from web development to AI.

Career progression opportunities for Python developers

Career opportunities for individuals who become Python developers are excellent. Depending on your interest, qualifications, and experience, you can quickly progress to senior technical roles such as a principal architect or technical architect or advance into management roles.

Does the Python developer career path pay well?

Python developers are in high demand. If you have the right skills, you can demand a high salary in this career.

How to get started in the Python developer career?

Unlike in many other professional careers, entry-level roles in a Python developer career don’t require a Bachelors’s degree. Because there is such a huge demand for Python developers, employers will consider candidates with other relevant skills or experience.

You can get the attention of hiring managers by online self-training, completing Python developer courses, and participating in Python boot camps.

A good way to show a prospective employer that you are a good fit for a Python developer job is to have a portfolio of your work with examples of Python projects. You can showcase these projects even if you’ve completed them on your own outside of work. In addition, showing your technical ability demonstrates to employers that you know how to complete Python projects.

Why become a Python developer?

  1. Python is one of the most widely used programming languages. More than eight million developers use the Python programming language. The code Python developers write used on billions of devices worldwide. Python is now popular than the Java programming language. Job prospects for people with Python skills are outstanding, with roles in every industry and every country in the world.
  2. There is more to a career in Python than coding. When you become a Python developer, your work is varied due to Python developers’ many different tasks. From creating and testing dynamic web applications to designing interfaces, Python developers are involved at every stage of the development life cycle.
  3. Python development is a collaborative process. A huge advantage of being involved throughout the development cycle is that Python developers collaborate with many other professionals, such as Designers, Web Developers and scientists. Building your collaboration skills will help advance your career as an IT professional.
  4. Python is used in real-world applications. From healthcare to financial services, Python is used across many different business sectors and on popular websites such as Instagram, Google, and Netflix. So, as a Python developer, it is likely that your work will be used not just inside your company but also by many ordinary people in real-life scenarios.
  5. Anyone can code. While some Python jobs require a degree in computer science or a related field, programming is a skill you can teach yourself. In addition, your experience with Python and developing software is often more important than proving that you have a degree in the field. So, if you want to become a Python developer, remember that building a portfolio of your work can be just as important as having the right qualifications.

What skills do you need for a Python developer career?

Python developers need a wide range of skills, from a thorough knowledge of the basics of the Python programming language to an understanding of the software development life cycle. Python developers also need knowledge beyond coding, including how the development process works and how to navigate the IT environments in which the Python code runs.

Are Python developer skills still in demand?

Even with competition from other programming languages such as Javascript, JAVA, and .Net, the demand for Python developers remains strong. As a result, Python is among the most in-demand programming languages on the global job market.

In recent years, Python-related job postings have dramatically increased. Currently, there are thousands of unfilled Python developer positions in the United States — impressive for any programming language.

What is the most important skill for a Python developer career?

The most important skill for a Python developer depends on the specific career path you choose. But, all Python developers should have a working knowledge of Core Python.

Understanding Python frameworks is critical. Django and Flask are important Python web developer frameworks. If you want a Python web developer career, you also need to learn Javascript, CSS, and HTML fundamentals.

What skills should a Python developer have?

Look for Python developer job descriptions to find out what skills are required. For example, suppose you want to get into web development. In that case, you need to know the basics of web development like HTML, CSS and Javascript, in addition to one or two Python web development frameworks.

What Python skills are required for a career in data science?

One of the most important Python skills for data science is to learn how to gather data from websites. Take a deep dive into Python packages like Requests, Beautiful Soup, simplejson, regular expression operations, urllib2, and selenium.

What Python skills to learn for data science?

Get comfortable with turning raw data into actionable insights. And once you have access to a large amount of structured data, you need to know how to store and process it.

If you choose the data scientist career, you should be able to manipulate data in relational databases using SQL.

What Python skills are required for a career in machine learning and AI?

Various Python skills are required for the machine learning and artificial intelligence career path.

The most important machine learning engineer skills are:

  • Understanding of how to acquire data from datasets
  • Cleaning, manipulating and analyzing data
  • Visualize data
  • Produce insights from data
  • Understanding of neural network architectures
  • Apache Kafka
  • TensorFlow
  • AWS
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Numpy
  • Scikit-Learn
  • Pandas

What Python skills are required for a career in deep learning?

Python is a suitable language for deep learning. Some of the most important skills for a career in deep learning are software engineering skills, understanding the software development life cycle, and algorithms for searching, sorting and optimizing data.

What analytical skills are required for a Python developer career?

Analytical skills are highly required for Python software developers. Your analytical skills should help you synthesize, analyze, conceptualize, and evaluate information, helping you become a successful Python developer. In addition, if you possess good analytical skills, you can write clean, not redundant code and write optimized algorithms.

What design skills are required for a Python developer career?

Python developers should be able to design scalable products and implement highly available servers. You should also develop your Django and Flask skills for designing websites.

What skills are required for entry-level Python developers?

Core Python is the most important skill for an entry-level Python developer job. As a beginner, you should know at least one Python framework like Django. Even as an entry-level developer, you should know the basics of HTML, Javascript and CSS.

During the job interview, you should be able to talk about how to design scalable products.

Make sure you have several Python projects in your portfolio. Even if this is a new career for you, be ready to showcase your Python developer experience with projects.