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607, 2024

The Significance of CPQ

The airline industry is not simply a major persona and employer in one country or continent. Globally the imprint of this industry touches individuals, businesses, and corporations. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in the first quarter of 2019 passenger airlines reported an after-tax, net profit of $$4.8T. This represented the 25th consecutive quarter of this sort of growth.[adrotate group="4"] It is easy to understand why airline revenue management through CPQ or Configure Price Quote technology is so important to the industry. This is essentially software that is designed specifically to assist companies with quote configuration. The technology perfects [...]

507, 2024

How Does A War Veteran Become A Publishing Expert

[adrotate group="4"] Are you struggling to start, finish, or publish your book? Tom Morkes is the CEO of Insurgent Publishing, a boutique publishing company. Tom's mission is to help people start, finish, and ship creative projects. He wrote 3 books. Tom is a West Point graduate and an Iraq war veteran, and for a while he got paid to jump out of helicopters. Listen to the following interview to find out what it takes to finish your creative projects. [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to Tom at tommorkes.com.

407, 2024

How to Quit Your Job Build a Business and Live Anywhere

Have you ever felt like quitting your job and move to an exotic country? Sean Ogle did exactly that. In 2009, Sean quit his job and moved to Thailand. Sounds like fun? He set out on a project called Location 180 where he started writing about building a business one can run from anywhere on earth and living a life worth writing about. Related posts: How To Quit A Job You Hate Over Text? What To Wear To A Job Orientation? How Long Is Orientation At Walmart? Listen to learn how Sean did it: Say hi to Sean [...]

307, 2024

The Best Retirement Plans For Self-Employed People

Choosing to be self-employed requires taking a large step into the unknown. Instead of finding an employer who will pay you a regular salary every month, you are trusting yourself to make enough money to get by. While you have the opportunity to make lasting wealth, there is always the possibility that some months you will struggle to make ends meet. It is this inherent uncertainty that leads many self-employed people to neglect retirement planning. It is always in the back of our minds, but we view it as something to sort out when our careers are more [...]

207, 2024

10 Reasons to Install a Virus Scanner Right Now

[adrotate group="4"] The following is a sponsored post. The first time most people realize that they need virus protection is after their computers have been infected. I hate it when my computer is infected with a virus. It sets me back for hours. I am careful about the websites I visit, but sometimes that is not enough to avoid a malware or a virus infection. I am always on the lookout for software that helps me be more productive. AVG’s Ultimate All-in-One Protection (Get 20% OFF - for a limited time only!) offers to keep my computer virus free. I had [...]

107, 2024

What To Do When Your Business Loses 70 Percent Revenue

[adrotate group="4"] What do you do when your business loses 70% of its revenue? It happened to one of Justin Gilchrist's businesses. In the following interview, we will talk about what he did about it. Justin is a serial entrepreneur. He is also the UK based co-founder of Centurica. Centurica provides due diligence and website assessments to people who buy web based businesses. Justin has a background of buying, operating and selling internet businesses, and specializes in SaaS and Ecommerce. He's also the author of Digitally Wed. The complete handbook to help you get to grips with buying an online [...]

3006, 2024

How To Increase Sales By Nearly $1 Billion – Business Growth Advice

What does it take to increase sales by close to $1 billion? Ben Simkin is a business growth specialist who started BusinessNet which helps businesses generate leads. Ben’s company helped increase their clients’ businesses by almost $1 Billion. Instead of focusing on vanity metrics like traffic, Facebook likes, or Twitter followers Ben and I are going to focus on real business metrics like sales and revenue. In the following interview we are going to talk about methods used to help grow businesses quickly:   Say hi to Ben at businessnet.com.au.

2906, 2024

How To Build A Business Around Your Passion For Travel

What does it take to build a business around your passion for travel? Carlo Cretaro is the Man behind NextStopWhoKnows.com, a travel blog. His passion for travel started in 2005 when he traveled from Ireland to Las Vegas for the first time. After his journey to Las Vegas, Carlo caught the travel bug. In the following interview Carlo shares how he has built himself a brand new life and business while traveling the world: Say hi to Carlo at nextstopwhoknows.com.  

2806, 2024

How to Build a Disruptive Appointment Setting Platform with CrowdClock CEO Yashar Ahmadpour

[adrotate group="4"] In the following interview, we have interviewed Yashar Ahmadpour, founder of CrowdClock. CrowdClock is a tool for setting appointments instantly with service providers like beauty salons, doctors' offices, real estate professionals, and mechanics' shops. CrowdClock is a cloud-based platform independent appointment setting tool whose proprietary APIs can be implemented across different platforms. Prior to CrowdClock, Yashar worked with Fortune 500 companies to small startups. He was project lead on an internal Qualcomm project, on Sony Vaio Tablet Android marketplace, worked at Yahoo!, and startups like CollegeClub.com. Listen and learn from Yashar what it takes to build a disruptive [...]

2706, 2024

Finding Clarity While Blogging From Paradise

[adrotate group="4"] How to build a location independent business? Ryan Biddulph is the globe-trotting and island-hopping founder of Blogging From Paradise. He is a professional blogger. Do you want to start making money as a blogger? Click here to find out how to start a blog. Ryan has traveled the world for over 3 years visiting places like Bali, Thailand, India, Fiji, Costa Rica, just to mention a few. In the following Ryan has traveled the world for over 3 years visiting places like Bali, Thailand, India, Fiji, Costa Rica, just to mention a few. In the following interview, Ryan [...]

2606, 2024

How To Build A Multi Million Business On Customer Feedback

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to build a multi-million dollar business on customer feedback? David Jackson is the CEO and Cofounder of Clicktools, the world’s leader in the field of customer feedback integrated with CRM. David is a popular speaker around the world. He has had many articles published and is the author of several books, including “Dynamic Organizations: The Challenge of Change” and “Becoming Dynamic.” In the following interview we cover everything from starting Clicktools to its $14 million acquisition by CallidusCloud.   [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to David at clicktools.com.

2506, 2024

How To Raise $300,000 Through Crowdfunding

[adrotate group="4"] What does it take to raise over $300,000 through crowdfunding? While living between a boat, a grandmother’s basement and the open road Noah Dentzel and his cofounder Brian Hahn raised $161,000 on Kickstarter in the summer of 2012 and about 172,000 in 2013 on Indiegogo. The Nomad mission was to reinvent the USB cable with their first product, ChargeCard. Nomad creates minimalist smartphone accessories. Listen to the following interview to learn how Noah and his team are growing Nomad.   [adrotate group="2"] Say hi to Noah at hellonomad.com.

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