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How to Write a Winning MBA Essay

Do you find yourself hitting a blank page after spending hours and trying to write something meaningful in your MBA essay? It’s not an ordinary essay because it has so much impact on your future, right? Or maybe you even think, “Should I find someone who is an expert in writing my essay for me?”

No worries. That’s fine. Almost every student feels stressed when writing an MBA essay. A lot of such students often address professional academic writing services like CustomWritings, which helps with getting an MBA degree online.

That’s because you want a brilliant essay, not an average one like the majority of students turn in.

Ok, we completely understand your concerns. Here you have two options.

  • Paying someone online may be a good idea if you are sure they will commit to writing a top-quality MBA essay for you.
  • On the other hand, you can write your MBA essay yourself. We know you are probably thinking, “Will it be good enough?” or “What should I write in it to make it outstanding?”

Luckily, we have collected top tips on how to make your MBA essay amazing.


Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Start Writing Your Essay

When you are writing an admission essay, there are going to be several factors that your writing should include to give you the best chance not only to be admitted to the business school of your choice but to make an outstanding first impression.

Many believe that a great essay will put you ahead of the curve when it comes to gaining admittance into the college of your choice.

Many students worry about the right way to reveal their good character traits to the admission board in their essays. Of course, you need to be personal in this type of essay. However, you need to do it in the right way. What does it mean? Let us explain this in detail.

A character displays the actions that a person will take when nobody appears to be watching. Telling someone about your personality can come across as bragging and boastful if not done in the right manner. Several techniques can display your character without you coming out and stating it.

Use a Narrative

Writing a personal narrative and adding it to your story is a great idea to reveal your character. Why do you think storytelling is so powerful? Because it works!

Even top companies over the world use storytelling to win their customers. It is that powerful! That’s because our brain loves stories. So why not use this hack to your advantage in your MBA essay?

It probably isn’t right to come out and say that you are a sincere person, but it is always appropriate to tell a story that will illustrate that clearly to all of those who read your essay. Sounds fantastic, right?

However, you need to connect your story smoothly to the topic of your MBA essay. Otherwise, it will not work so well as you want. Here’s the trick. Describe a situation that falls under the topic of your essay topic.

For example, if you tell a story about how you saved money to make a big purchase for your family, it shows that you can put off your satisfaction. It shows you put others above yourself.

Want some more examples? Ok. Relaying a story about the time you worked in the local soup kitchen during the holidays shows how you place your community ahead of yourself for the greater good.

Thus, there are a virtually unlimited number of scenarios that can be written about to display what a great candidate you are without coming out and saying, “I am a great person.” Hopefully, now you understand better this idea of incorporating a story into your MBA essay.

Relay Recognition

Another great way to relay the content of your character to admission officers is to recount an instance where your behavior was recognized by someone else. Just think about this.

It may seem a bit arrogant to say that you give whenever you have a chance. However, it is not arrogant at all to state a fact like you received an award from your school or a community organization for the amount that you gave back in time and money to help others.

There is nothing that screams good character more than charity works, and excessive charity work does it best.

Of course, you should mention in your MBA essay only if you really did this charity work. It means no matter what, you should never lie in your MBA admission essay just for the sake of your application being accepted.

Final Words

Hopefully, all tips will help you come up with an amazing MBA admission essay, and you’ll enter the college of your dream. Do you like this blog post? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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