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15 Tips to Better Organize Your Home Office

This spring you get a chance to spring forward your competition by organizing your small business. One of the keys to success in business is your ability to stay focused. When you are organized you are more likely to stay focused on what matters.

Springtime is a great time to reassess how you manage the daily operations of your business. Staples Brand Products can be your partner to a below budget and above expectations spring organization.

This spring is your time to make time to get organized. One of the most important things about getting organized is that you have to spend time to get organized. Make time to get your small business office organized. When your business is organized you can focus more on what matters in your business and you will have fewer distractions.

1) This spring start your organizing by creating an effective work area with a new comfortable, cat-proof chair. Check out Staples Vexa Mesh Chair with its contemporary design.

2) Move unneeded items from your office into storage. Label the storage boxes with Staples Duramark Permanent Markers.

3) Declutter your desk and organize all of your non-essential items into a Staples File Box.

4) Clean out your shelves and drawers, to free up storage space. Less clutter helps you find what’s important faster.

5) Make stuff easier to find by using the Staples Medium Storage Drawer Cart. Its clear see-through design makes finding stuff a breeze.

6) Clean the top of your desk. Only leave items you use daily. Wipe off the surface of your desktop. It gives you a chance to remove everything and only retain must-have items.

7) Have a master to-do list on your wall. Keep your to-do lists free of clutter. Focus on quality, not quantity. Too many items on your to-do list will waste your time on unimportant projects. Focus on big impact projects.

8) Use storage boxes for dated files and documents. Check out Staples 40 Quart Plastic Container.

9) Implement a simple and manageable filing system. It helps if you can color-code your files for greater organization.

10) Keep your workspace clear from non-related projects. Only allow documents related to the current project you are working on.

11) At the end of a project, organize all related paperwork and store it out of sight. Don’t allow old projects to be a distraction for your current work.

12) At the end of each workday, organize your desk, so the next day you can have an optimal start.

13) Remove all distractions. If your office has a TV remove it unless it is necessary for your business.

14) Prioritize. Start each day with a list of tasks. Categorize them. Start with the must-do items, then move onto the less important tasks.

15) Instead of starting your day by checking your emails, start with your most important tasks. Only after you have completed your highest priority items should you check your emails.

Take the necessary steps to keep your office organized and running smoothly this spring. Staples Brand Products make spring organization happen for small business.

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