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When starting a fashion blog there are a lot of things to consider. Amongst those things is what service you will use to host your blog. It is important that your website host has a solid foundation from which you are able to write.

So when you are thinking about how to start a fashion blog, one of the first considerations should be what hosting company you will use. If you want your fashion blog to take off, you need a reliable website hosting provider.

Here are few of the top things to consider when choosing a website host for your new fashion blog.

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Keep your fashion blog going with a reliable website host

Can the hosting company you’re considering keep up with your blog traffic. Sure you may not have a lot of traffic now, but with your stellar writing skills, you are going to change that! Your website host needs to be able to keep up, and it needs to be quick about it. When you start a fashion blog you want to make sure that your page loads quickly so that search engines can find it quickly, and that in general, it operates quickly, that’s why I recommend SiteGround as a website hosting platform.

They employ the latest in speed hosting technology to make sure your blog site runs quickly and efficiently. Efficiency is a key component when you’re talking about reliability too. It’s important that your hosting company is reliable. If their servers crash that means your blog is inaccessible too, so choose a website hosting platform where outages are a rarity.

Research the hosting company for your fashion blog

When you start a fashion blog using a website hosting company, you should first research what caps the company places on CPU usage, space they allot to your site, how many app installs are allowed and what the repercussions are if you happen to push those limits. Remember when you start a fashion blog many of these may not be a factor, but as your blog grows you need a hosting company that can handle your traffic and allows you to make the necessary changes to stay relevant to your followership.

SiteGround offers three website hosting packages which range from beginning level to expert level website hosting packages. Each comes with a few basic things like free app installs, unmetered traffic (which is a big deal), storage that is cloud-based and backed up daily, and several other incentives. Many other website hosting companies charge extra for allowing app installs and monitor site traffic to your blog because they are unable to handle a high volume of traffic.

Start your fashion blog with great tech Support

If you’re anything like me you need the tech support people more frequently than you care to admit. When you are starting a fashion blog you want to make sure tech support is included in your website hosting companies services. Some hosts don’t have 24/7 tech support like SiteGround does. While other website hosts have tech support available they may charge extra for its use. Unless you are a wizard with all things techy, which I am not, you will likely run into some issues when starting your fashion blog, so make sure your website host offers the right kind of support. Even after your blog is up and running you’re likely to run into scenarios where you need tech support, so it’s always a good idea to have these guys around.

Remember you have important things to say, so make sure your website hosting company doesn’t’ fail you when you start your fashion blog. Keep in mind that these will be the people that give you the platform from which you speak, so choose a website hosting company wisely.

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