What does it take to sell 12,000 books?

If you think writing is hard, try selling your books to 12,000 people. Ernest Dempsey did it and he is only getting started. Ernest is a successful fiction writer who understands that a successful author’s work begins when the writing ends. Waiting to be discovered is like getting the girl you have never met. It just doesn’t happen. Ernest Dempsey found success through Kindle publishing.



Here is a list of topics we cover in this interview:

  • How to sell 12,000 books?
  • Fiction writing as a business.
  • How not to self publish.
  • Marketing your book through Facebook.
  • Your friends as your customers. Are they really?
  • The importance of serializing.
  • The value of reader reviews.
  • Metrics to consider about book sales.
  • Launch strategy.

About Ernest Dempsey:

Ernest Dempsey is a successful novelist. He has published “Chasing Comets”, “The Last Chamber”, “The Dream Rider”, “The Cleric’s Vault”, “The Lost Canvas”, and “The Secret of The Stones.” Check him out at ernestdempsey.net.