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How To Get More Clients Better Projects and Higher Pay – Interview with Brent Weaver

What does it take to get more clients, better projects, and higher pay? 


Brent Weaver has started and built a 14 person web design business that he later sold.

Then, he went on to start UGURUS a company that helps web professionals get more clients better projects and higher pay.

In the following interview we will talk about strategically building service businesses.


In our interview with Brent, we are dealing with the following topics and questions:

  • How did you get into the web design business?
  • How did you get your clients in the beginning?
  • How did you business grow over the years? Organically or proactive marketing?
  • How did you become more strategic about getting new business once your web design business started to grow?
  • What were the most effective marketing channels for your business?
  • You built your company to 14 employees. Today a lot of companies have virtual teams. What is your take on building service companies on virtual teams. I am asking because a lot of services businesses like web design businesses are cyclical. You might not have much going on today, but two weeks from now you could get 5 new projects.
  • Web design has become highly Commoditized. How can web designers fight that?
  • Recurring revenue is so important to build a business. How do you build a recurring revenue business when small businesses are becoming more and more price sensitive.
  • What were you doing in your business to sell your customers on the recurring services?
  • What percentage of your business should come from recurring revenue vs. new customer?
  • Fee based pricing vs. value based pricing.
  • It is very difficult to scale a service business. What is your take on productizing a service business?
  • How did lead generation change from when you were starting out in web design to today?
  • What are the most effective lead generation tactics for web designers today?
  • Part of your growth strategy was to acquire books of business. How did you find these opportunities?

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