8 Business Ideas You Can Start Now

Do you think you have the gumption and entrepreneurial spirit to launch a small business?

If you have great business ideas, plenty of elbow grease, and the right resources, your startup dreams may be within reach.

Here’s a list of 8 great business ideas for starting your own company:

Personal Shopper

business-idea-09112015Can you navigate store aisles and department stores like a professional? Transform your style talents and shopping addiction into revenue. Offer your services to families who need help purchasing school supplies, gifts, or clothes. Reach out to the elderly who have limited access to stores.

You can start with friends and family – then expand your client base as your gain more experience.


Many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of e-commerce websites and trading platforms such as eBay to reach consumers. Try selling your crafts or goods online, so you don’t have to foot the cost of a brick-and-mortar store.

Event Planner

business-idea-09-112015Do you have the knack for throwing a great party? Are you detail-oriented, obsessed with calendars, and know how to communicate? You may be able to turn your talents into a professional opportunity. Plenty of people need event planners to host conventions, business meetings, celebration events, and more.

Be patient with client requests and stay calm with approaching deadlines and details!


Capitalize on your kitchen at home. Many talented people use their stovetop and oven to produce delicious treats and profits. If people rave about your cooking or baking, think about an at-home bakery, catering business, or personal chef company. You can be creative and see your hard work pay off immediately. Be aware that at-home kitchens are heavily regulated – look into your local requirements and regulations.


If you would rather stay home with your children than go to a 9-to-5, think about opening a daycare to make it affordable. Many parents start home-based daycares to allow a spouse to stay home. Be cautious though – more kids can mean more stress too!


business-idea-09-11-2015You don’t have to have a green thumb to start a landscaping business. There are plenty of outdoor jobs that people will pay you to do. Think about shoveling, mowing grass, putting up fences, or leaf raking.

If you love the outdoors and want to work for yourself, starting a landscaping business might be right for you.

Running errands

Nowadays, people are so busying with their jobs, families, and other interests, many will pay others to do daily errands. Picking up groceries, going to the drycleaner, taking kids to appointments, paying bills – you name it. There are plenty of tasks to be done. If you start with friends and family, your client base will grow through word of mouth and positive reviews.

Pet Sitter

great-business-idea-09112015Are you an animal lover? People who work full-time often don’t have the time to give attention to their pets during the day. You can start a business offering services like walking dogs, feedings cats, or even cleaning cages and litter boxes. If you are reliable, trustworthy, and great with animals, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding business.

If you want more business ideas, check out our article called “How to Come up With Great Business Ideas“.



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