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How Did An Expat Build A Business For Expats – Interview with David McKeegan

What does it take to build a business for American expats?

David and Carrie McKeegan are the cofounders of Greenback, a U.S. expat tax services company.

Being American expats David and Carrie were fed up with the process of filing US expat taxes. So, In 2008 they have started Greenback, an expat tax service company .

Since the beginning they have helped with over 7000 tax filings.

David and Carrie are building their business while living in Bali.

In the following interview David shares how he and his cofounder have started Greenback:

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4 thoughts on “How Did An Expat Build A Business For Expats – Interview with David McKeegan”

  1. Thanks for this particular podcast on David McKeegan. I’m an American expat in France, and for some time have been considering to use Greenback Tax services. After listening to this podcast, even though it’s a few years old, I feel much more open to dealing with this online business.
    And thanks to a google search for Greenback/McKeegan, I came across your site. I’ll continue following your site – very useful, practical, and stimulating advice and info. Thank you again, George.

    DB, Biot FRANCE

      1. Sorry for the late response – didn’t see this until today. No, for the time being I neither work nor own a business, although I’ve been in France for 25 years. I’m married to a French national who does both, but it’s been difficult for me, due to personal reasons, to establish my own working career here.

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