Why should you care about your Alexa Traffic rank?

Most entrepreneurs, even those who own websites, are clueless about Alexa.

To them, Alexa could be the name of a female dog. When your site first goes live it has no Alexa Traffic ranking.

That means your site is an unknown. The exact opposite of popular. Nobody cares. You have no visitors. Zero traffic. You don’t exist in the online world.

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The lower your Alexa Traffic rank the better.

Google has a rank of #1, Facebook #2. They are the top two most popular websites in the world.

Your average site with the clueless owner could be ranked at 2 million. You get the picture.

Most sites have Alexa Traffic ranks above one million.

What that means that only the web designer and you know about your website. If you want to get anywhere online you have to get your Alexa Traffic rank under 100,000.

Alexa Traffic rank is not a tell all metric, but it is important. You don’t rely on it to tell the whole story about your website, but it gives you valuable information. For example, advertisers want a low Alexa Traffic rank if you want to sell advertising on your site.


Only a few months after going live with my blog, my Alexa Traffic rank is around 150,000. Almost every day my rank drops a few thousand. I expect my rank to be under 100,000 soon.

[message type=”info”]This is an Alexa Traffic Rank update for Success Harbor. On October 1st, 2014, our Alexa Traffic Rank is under 100,000 for the first time. It is 99,699.[/message]

At the same time, my traffic has been increasing too. There is definitely a correlation between the two.

Here is what you can do to improve your Alexa Traffic rank:

  • Post fresh content regularly.
  • Write long posts (Minimum 500-words. 1500-2000 is even better).
  • Engage visitors so they spend an extended time on your site.
  • Make your content easily sharable.
  • Guest post.
  • Publish a variety of different types of content from audio, video, graphics, etc.
  • Create quality backlinks.
  • Ask people to review your site on Alexa.
  • Encourage users to install Alexa Toolbar.
  • Optimize your website for search engines.
  • Comment on other blogs with a link back to your site.

Your Alexa Traffic rank doesn’t tell the whole story about your site, but it is a good indicator of several things:

  • It shows you are an active blogger.
  • It shows that you have dynamic site content.
  • How much traffic your website gets.
  • How much time people spend on your website.
  • How many other sites link to you.

Important facts about Alexa Traffic Rank:

  • It was first introduced in 1998.
  • Alexa’s measurement is based on a diverse set of browser extensions and plugins, not just the Alexa Toolbar.
  • Alexa measures traffic from all visitors to the website whether or not they have a browser extension installed.
  • Alexa Traffic is measured based on 25,000 different browser extensions.
  • Claiming your site has no effect on your rank.
  • A surge in traffic doesn’t necessarily translate to an improved rank.
  • You can’t buy a better Alexa Traffic rank.

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