One of the most enduring myths of modern life is the belief that you can succeed in business without succeeding in life, that these are two separate areas of existence that barely touch one another. Any significant overlap between these two ideas is dismissed as chance and not something to dwell on with any seriousness. [adrotate group=”4″]

But the truth is that there is really only one thing – our lives. The way we choose to live and the choices we make in the name of improving our lives, those are the keys to success in any aspect of life as well. And that includes our work, our business, our relationships, and of course, our health.

Here are some areas of life to work on that will have a noticeable impact on your business life as well:

1. Learning to Listen

If there is one thing people want in a relationship, whether it’s a romantic coupling, a platonic friendship, or a business partnership, it is to feel seen and heard by the other person. Cultivating a genuine desire to learn more about someone, to understand about the things that are important to that person, and to create a space where they want to share their thoughts and feelings is the foundation of all relationships. [adrotate group=”4″]

Studies have shown that having more in-depth relationships with people is the top of the list when people talk about the quality of their lives. It should be at the top of the list for people who speak about the quality of their business as well. People build trust through listening and trust leads to all types of business opportunities.

2. Learn to Play

There are times in our lives for giving it all we’ve got, and there are times in our lives that we need to recharge the batteries so we can lay it all out when we need to. There is a saying about people who work hard and play hard. It’s called balance. If you put a lot of yourself into your work, your batteries are likely to expire quickly. The only way to ensure they are still running when you need them is to give yourself not only rest but also enjoyment.

So take some time to visit the Aussie online casino, let yourself feel the joy of risking real money on the spin of the wheel. Or join a sports team and allow yourself to escape into the challenge of the game. In other words, give yourself some fun in life, because if you don’t plan it and make it happen, it just won’t. And you’ll end up wondering why you feel burnt out so quickly in your professional life.

3. Learn to Rest

Along with the need to play so that your mind can get a little bit of downtime while your mood is enhanced by doing things you love, there is a need for genuine relaxation. That means good, uninterrupted, regular sleep. You’ll feel better about everything you do when you sleep properly.

People always cut corners on their sleep to work more and produce short term results. But the long term is always out there, even if we may not always look in that direction. And in the long term, the worker who practices proper and regular sleep is far more likely to make better decisions overall and to have the energy to make them happen.

4. Learn to Move

Too many people are out of shape, and few of them believe there is any correlation between that and their business. After all, they need to sit in front of a computer for long periods to get things done for the business. And preparing meals that offer the proper nutrients takes time and effort that will usually be sacrificed to the company.

But regular exercise and proper nutrition provide natural energy, improve moods, and higher productivity. But if you can’t take the time to go to the gym or on a long run, you can at least schedule your day around some movement. Plan meetings at a cafe near your office, so you have a reason to walk around, take regular breaks to keep the blood flowing, change things up to stimulate creativity.

5. Learn to Breath

It’s not exactly news to the business community, but mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool that brings benefits to every part of life. But even if the idea has taken root in some parts of the business world, it is not as widely adopted as it seems. And those who don’t commit to the practice often find that it’s the first thing that goes when time gets tough.

But there is simply no substitute for the breathing that is an essential part of the experience. The clarity it brings is simply impossible to achieve any other way. [adrotate group=”2″]