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5 Simple Things That Will Save You Money in Your New Office

Moving to a new office can be an expensive process, so it’s vital that you take the necessary measures to save expense and insure any valuable equipment on which your business depends. Take a look below to discover five simple tips to help you save money in your new office.

Do you really need all those office supplies?

Like in those first days of school back, it can be exciting to move somewhere new and use new supplies. However, when buying supplies for a new office, there’s no need to go overboard.

Assess the requirements of your business; is your business one that works primarily online for your day-to-day work needs? Do you really need that paper contract or that hi-tech printer? Establishing precisely what you really need in office supplies can help you save money in your new office.

Insure your business

Although the initial expense of insuring your business can seem costly, when you move to a new office, the benefits of this insurance in the event of a claim are invaluable.

Be Wiser Business Insurance offers full protection across your business – covering the properties you work in, your employees and any equipment you use, such as printers and computers. In the event of a break-in or fire, this sort of insurance can save you a lot of unnecessary expense.

Turn off the power at night

If you haven’t already seen on the news, global warming is ravishing the planet faster than ever. Whether that’s a priority of yours is your own agenda, but saving money on your personal energy usage should, of course, be a priority of yours.

According to the Cambridge Green Challenge, IT equipment can account for around 25% of energy typically consumed in an office. Keep this statistic in mind; you should always turn off electric switches and computers overnight to save money on electricity.

When we consider how often we’re in the office, there’s no need to have computers and printers on standby at all times, is there?

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Always do your best to make the most of your office supplies and recycle whenever you can. This can be through making the most of paper resources by using both sides and purchasing a paper bin to aid recycling. Additionally, many stationary and suppliers will offer discounts on future purchases when you recycle printer ink cartridges as well as equipment like printers or scanners.

Do you really need brand new furniture?

It can also seem like a good idea to push the boat out and get a whole new set of office furniture. When acquiring desks, tables, and chairs, it’s always worth shopping around at auctions or even putting some feelers out to offices nearby.

Most of the time, businesses will discard their old furniture frivolously when there’s simply nothing wrong with it. You can save a fortune on office furniture by buying it second-hand.

There are many different ways of saving money when moving into a new office. Consider insuring your business assets as well as taking the necessary steps to recycle and save money on your monthly electrical bills by choosing eco-friendly electrical options.

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