When you turn your business dream into a reality, you’ll do anything to protect it. In terms of criminal activity, you use locks, CCTV, and alarms. You’ll hopefully cover your business with public liability insurance, income protection insurance, and employer’s liability cover. But what about your business’ data? Is this something you’ve even considered?

Customer and business data are a hive of personal information, bank details, behavioral habits, and of course, information regarding your employees, shareholders, and more. So, as a business owner, you have an obligation to protect it. It’s also worth mentioning that your data is at risk from human error, permanent deletion, even from natural disasters like fire and floods. This is why more companies than ever before are turning to DRaaS from Probrand as a way to preserve their business’ integrity and keep their IT infrastructure in place.

So, what are the benefits of DRaaS? Read on to find out more.

You’ll be in safe hands.

When you invest in a DRaaS plan, all your company data is in safe hands. Your provider will offer expert guidance in terms of cybersecurity and how to manage your data more effectively. If something does occur, you’ll know exactly who to turn to for advice and for a swift response.

Your data is secure!

Perhaps most importantly, your data is safe. Safe from water damage, fire, flood, power surges, clumsy employees, cyber-attacks, and human error. Using the latest, state of the art technology, your data will be protected and able to fend off the latest malware attacks and security breaches. Simply put, it’s the safest option for your data.

You’re still in control.

Handing over your data to a third party doesn’t mean you lose control of your delicate IT infrastructure. With the assistance of your provider, you’ll probably have a better understanding of it. Whether you have a dedicated IT team, or you’re handling things yourself, nothing will change in the day to day running of your IT department.

You can focus on other things.

Running a business means having lots of responsibilities, which sometimes means priorities shift. When you invest in DRaaS, it means your data security and recovery plan is taken care of by a competent and dedicated provider, meaning your data recovery plan won’t fall down your list of priorities while you rush around doing all the things you need to do.

Your business will bounce back faster.

In the event of data loss, your company won’t be left floundering whilst you try to pick up the pieces. The longer it takes for your business to recover, the more your bottom line will suffer. It’s also likely that you’ll lose clients, and your reputation will suffer greatly. Not all businesses can recover from such a catastrophic event. When you have DRaaS on your side, you can get back to what you do best with minutes.

Final thoughts

Losing your data, whether through criminal activity or through human error, can cost your business in more ways than one. Consider investing in DRaaS today.