New Startup Launches World’s First Free Beacon-Enabled Loyalty Platform!

Today, big box retailers are spending billions of dollars on customer loyalty programs, big data and new technologies to better understand consumer behaviors, trends, and new ways to engage their shoppers. Specifically, one breakthrough solution in technology attracting retailers are “beacons” which are coin- sized portable devices that can transmit location information to smartphones via wireless Bluetooth signals. Beacons can be used for everything from in-store analytics to proximity marketing, indoor navigation and contactless payments, and companies who can afford to deploy them are investing billions of dollars per year to compile a wealth of data and analytics about consumers to remain current. As a result, large corporations are creating a huge gap in the marketplace, making it nearly impossible for approximately 30 million SMEs across North America to compete.

Statistically, in the United States, SMEs have generated over 65% of the net new jobs since 1995 and approximately 543,000 new businesses are started each month, while more employer businesses continue to shut down each month. In addition, over 50% of the working population (120 million individuals) works in a small business. Up until now, it had been impossible for small and medium sized businesses to compete with the data mining resources retailers like Walmart and Macy’s are using. The majority of SMEs depend on old business models such as punch card loyalty or expensive programs with outdated technology. However, a new startup is making strides with beacon technology and big data to provide a cost-effective way for SMEs to level the playing field.

Enter MoPals, the world’s first completely free loyalty suite for businesses of all sizes. Alex Haditaghi, CEO of MoPals says, “We realized with the introduction of beacons, mobile technology and big data, it’s never been harder for SMEs to stack up against Fortune 500 companies.” Therefore, in the same way Shopify or Etsy has created an affordable way for SMEs to set-up e-commerce shops, MoPals has developed a unique way for businesses to engage and gain insights into their consumers, and more importantly, deliver rewarding and convenient shopping experiences to them.


In conjunction with the MoPals loyalty app, businesses equipped with MoPals’ Beacons can send exclusive offers directly to customers within a distance of up to six hundred fifty (650) feet, gather relevant customer data, plus redeem offers and reward customers automatically by scanning their unique bar code.

For example, think about a customer who is in the market for a new laptop. He/she walks by an electronics store and receives an offer for 25 percent off a brand name laptop. The customer automatically purchases the offer using their MoPals app and gets rewarded by the merchant when they come in to redeem the offer. The process satisfies both the customer and the business’ objective, and it’s all possible with the help of MoPals Beacon technology.

Mr. Haditaghi explains, “Business owners might think that ‘FREE’ means they’ll get a second-rate program with expensive add-ons to receive the full value package, but that’s not the case with MoPals.” Businesses that sign up for the MoPals program receive the most sophisticated and powerful platform available to date, inclusive of a comprehensive suite of tools, including beacons, customer analytics and insights – at no cost. The platform also allows business owners to manage and control the entire suite from the comfort of their smartphone. There are no set-up fees, monthly fees or long-term contracts. It’s just like the saying goes, “The best things in life really are free!”


photo credit: Poelier Jonker 11