There is absolutely no question about the importance of SEO for your business and that you should be investing time and money into this digital strategy. For many small businesses in particular the question that remains with regards to their SEO practices is very much the same as their digital marketing approach, should they take care of this themselves of is it wiser to seek out an SEO agency.

There is a very simple answer to this question and that is if you can afford an SEO agency then you should always opt for that choice, the result will just be so much better for your business, and here is why.

Going it Alone

Just to preface this for those who can’t free up the capital to invest in an SEO agency, there is still a lot that you will be able to do on your own and you can find great success in doing things this way. Do your research and focus on the details when putting together your own SEO strategy.


One of the biggest benefits of using an SEO agency is the speed by which they are going to be able to deliver for you. We have to remember that these guys are experts at what they do and they will be able to greatly improve your SEO performance in no time at all. The time which it takes for a company to handle their SEO in-house is vastly greater than what it will take an SEO agency, and in the world of business, time is money.


When it comes to spending money on SEO it should always be looked at as an investment rather than a cost, and that is because the money which you have spent on the hiring agency will come back to you, reflected in your increased sales and the brand growth which a solid SEO plan can deliver.


Another great benefit of utilizing the services of an SEO agency is that they will be able to perform with a far higher level of efficiency than you may be able to do within the business. Most companies who take on their own SEO, even with an IT team on board, will often make errors along the way or invest in strategies that perhaps don’t work in the way that they would like. To mitigate this entirely the best course of action would be to hire an SEO company that can deliver the best strategy, getting it right the first time.


Another great benefit of using a service for your SEO needs is that they are able to be far more agile and switch things up when the business or indeed conditions surrounding the business call for it. Let’s say that you decide to go after different keywords or you wish to reposition the business, an SEO agency will be able to deliver this with much more ease than a company can do in-house.

There is certainly a lot that you can do on your own around SEO practices, but best results will always come from working with an agency.