1 Surprising Fact Every Entrepreneur Must Know About SEO

Do you ever wonder how some businesses get so much traffic while most get almost none?

It is really no accident or magic.

The funny thing is that it’s not even complicated.

I am shocked how many people ask about SEO. I own a web design and marketing company where people call, email, or ask us in person. So, “How do we get ranked number one for – whatever random keyword they dreamed up -“?

When someone asks me that question I feel like the person is asking me “How do I get rich quick”?

It is a stupid question. Yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question.

The one thing every entrepreneur should know about SEO is that you have to respect it enough to learn about it. Of course, I don’t mean that you have to become an SEO expert, if such a thing ever really existed. Far from it.

At the very least respect SEO enough to have a basic understanding.

Most small business owners that ask me about SEO know nothing about it.

What makes you think that you should get great search rankings if you know nothing about how sites are ranked?

You can’t be a successful entrepreneur if you know nothing about sales, accounting, customer service, and yes, SEO.

It is true that most businesses don’t sell stuff online, but it’s also false. Every business sells something through their websites. As a matter of fact, they sell the most important asset they have. They sell themselves.

They build a reputation. A great way to build your reputation is by simply ranking for relevant keywords. If people can’t find you, you don’t exist.

If you will know only one thing about SEO, let it be this one thing.

Learn enough about SEO, so you know what has to be done.

You can hire someone else to do the work. If you are a true entrepreneur you will hire someone to help you instead of you trying to add SEO to your long to do list.

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  1. Gaining quality backlinks is a very important factor in SEO but be careful about the type of links you are getting. In the old days, you could create as many backlinks to your site as possible and you would generally rank higher because of it. Google’s algorithm has changed and now looks for more quality links than quantity.

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