There are so many aspects of web design that it’s easy to get lost in the noise. A great website is especially important for businesses that are starting out and have yet to establish a foothold in their market; they must find a way to identify all the critical elements. Because new businesses tend to be more cautious with how they spend their resources, they need to find the most cost-effective way of designing a great website.

Because of the need to spend wisely, it’s important for new businesses to be able to allocate their resources where it is most effective in terms of creating traffic and conversions for their marketing campaign. This is easier said than done, considering the many aspects that an eCommerce website design must consider. So, whether you’re working with limited resources or you simply want to get the most results for your efforts, these are the essentials you need to focus on if you’re building an ecommerce website.

Best Sellers Section

Buyers want to know the best products you have to offer them, as this is often what defines a business. In the same manner that physical stores put their best products on display, so, too, should websites. This helps your customers save time, and it helps draw their attention away from your less successful products.

Product Categorization

Not only does putting your products into collections help give your website a semblance of order, but creating product collections also helps improve your website’s Google search ranking. Product collections can be based on seasons, new arrivals, discounts, etc. This will also become a vital part of your ecommerce sales funnel later on.

Zoomable Pictures

Because buyers are unable to inspect products personally when shopping online, it’s important to give them the means to examine product details more closely by allowing them to zoom in from multiple sides or angles. This feature will enable customers to make an informed buying decision.

Shipping Information

It’s also vital to provide accurate information on shipping, such as estimated delivery dates, shipping costs, and shipping insurance. This way, buyers will know when to expect their package, and it also shows that your business isn’t only concerned with getting paid, but also making sure that customers get what they paid for. This will also allow your customers to coordinate with the courier business for delivery.


Online buyers are going to be skeptical by default. Apart from zoomable images, another way to build trust is to include a review section for your products. This allows buyers to read feedback from other buyers who have already purchased and have been able to evaluate the product personally. This also enables you to receive feedback from your buyers on other things, such as shipping, packaging, customer service, etc.

The popularity of online shopping cannot be understated. Numerous malls have closed because of the increase in popularity of online shopping. However, it’s not a guaranteed success. Besides having good products, you must be able to represent your products well on an excellent website.