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Planning To Go Digital By Default? Here Is A Comprehensive List Of Must-Have Tools

In today’s world, technology is not a choice but a fundamental element that must be integrated with every organization’s function. Being technology-oriented can result in better collaborations between organizations and boost productivity among employees. In addition to this, implementing technology into processes like product development can enable an organization to improve its existing service/product and find new opportunities to venture into different markets.

New and ground-breaking advances were a part of the pre-pandemic world, too. Still, it has become more evident that if organizations are willing to survive in this fast-paced world, digital transformation is the only choice.

So, if you, too, are someone who is planning to go digital with his business, then here is a list of 5 must-have tools for you.

1. Learning Management Systems for employee training

With innovation and changes entering the market in all ways, it has become important for every organization to upskill its employees. The traditional form of in-person training requires the trainer and the trainee to be physically present in a formal classroom setting. However, if digital transformation is the goal, then the best way for an organization to go is to replace in-person training with online training for its employees.

Various famous brands like Acendre offer advanced LMSs that can enable organizations to train their employees from anywhere, anytime. Some LMSs also offer gamification features that allow employees to have real-life experiences similar to playing games. All these aspects are bound to make training more effective and safe in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

2. Project Management Tools

Every organization has numerous projects to manage on a day-to-day basis. Having a solution to organize better and execute these projects is every manager’s wish. Thus, project management tools and programs can be implemented to assist in project planning, time management and resource allocation in an organization. Such programs help project heads develop a strong base for their projects and provide tools to map out different stages, key expectations, and roles before initiating the project. This prompts a critical improvement in productivity, which results in higher profits.

If ‘High quality-less time’ is what your organization aims to accomplish, then you can depend on project management tools to get it done for you.

3. Payroll management tools

Management of employees’ attendance and pay is one of those crazy jobs that no one wants to handle. However, now we have payroll management systems to help us deal with such situations, thanks to technology. Implementing such a system can simplify the payment calculation process and ensure compliance with tax and other legal requirements. Also, limited human involvement due to process automation results in a reduced possibility of errors.

These systems can be tailored to suit an organization’s specific needs and perform estimations of employee bonuses, commissions, etc. It is high time for organizations to ditch old-fashioned bookkeeping and switch to a more convenient, effective, and digital way of payroll management.

4. Customer Experience Management Tools

For any organization, only establishing an online presence is not going to bring any benefit. It is important to analyze how your customers interact with you at various touchpoints. Customer experience management tools enable an organization to gather insights into how its customers respond to its digital actions.

This can help it identify various motivators and pain points of its customers, which will help design a more personalized approach for customer interaction and engagement.

5. Performance Management System and Tools

An effective performance management system provides clear and definite goals to employees and assists managers in assessing their performances. A PMS also increases job satisfaction among employees as it helps them understand the importance of their contributions towards the fulfillment of organizational goals and objectives. Based on the results of these assessments, organizations can also identify the training and development needs of the employees.


Digital transformation is a multifaceted process, and no list can bring out all the tools that an organization might need. However, the ones mentioned above should be a part of every organizational setup.

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