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How Businesses Can Save Thousands

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Do you know how much your company is spending on printing, printers, and consumables? Nearly 90 percent of businesses do not. Because most companies do not itemize managed print costs such as ink and toner, printers and service or printer maintenance, it is often overlooked. In reality, the trusty printer that sits quietly in the corner of the office is the third largest business operating expense behind rent and payroll.

On average, small and medium size businesses waste thousands of dollars a year by not taking a strategic approach to purchasing, supporting, unifying and managing their printer supplies, hardware assets, and service maintenance but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are several alternatives businesses should consider to manage print costs and enable a more efficient cash flow without compromising quality or service.

Calculate internal printing costs

The most common mistake organizations make is that they often under calculate the actual cost of printing. It’s important to realize that there are more facets to account for than just the cost of paper and ink. First, identify the time your staff spends printing, collecting printer materials, taking the time to research cartridge prices online and not to mention the time misused for troubleshooting and printer maintenance repairs. After you acknowledge the parts of your organization which needs improvement, it’s time to pursue a solution. 

Outsource to a Local, Total-Solutions Printing Provider

Businesses can save as much as 30 percent on printer cartridges alone by buying high-performance ink and toner from local providers who specialize in a range of printing products and services for the home and business user, instead of paying full price for printer brands from big-box retailers. For example, in addition to providing cost saving, high-quality performance, ink and toner cartridges, Cartridge World provides easy online ordering and automated cartridge fulfillment, printer installation, and repair services – without compromising the quality of the product.

Stay Away from Leasing Copiers

Instead of signing expensive multi-year copier contracts or leasing fleets of printers from office supply stores, copier companies or service organizations, small businesses can invest in budget-saving printer programs such as Cartridge World’s Why Buy A Printer Program.  The program offers an innovative solution for businesses and is designed to give them the benefit of worry-free printing with the printer(s) and all the printer maintenance and service included at no additional cost. This program allows for businesses to purchase the brand’s printer cartridges, and in exchange receive business class printer(s), and on-site printer service at no additional cost. The exclusive approach is designed to eliminate businesses’ out-of-date hardware, put an end to expensive long-term leases and added maintenance costs –in turn streamlining company productivity and lucrativeness.

Right-size your Printer

Small businesses can also save additional costs by “right-sizing” equipment to their needs and not overpaying on unneeded copier functions. A vital component to reducing printing costs is by matching your office printing needs with the right machine. It’s important to note that color inkjet printers are not designed for printing hundreds of black-and-white pages. For high-volume colorless printing, it’s best to use an all-in-one, multi-function laser printer and high-yield toner cartridges in order to double your printing output at almost half the price. Selecting an all-in-one printer allows your organization to fax, scan, copy and print all from the same machine instead of purchasing separate hardware and machines per function.

Below is a breakdown of the three main printers, to help determine which machine may best fit your organization’s needs:

Inkjet Printer- One of the least expensive and most common options available today, inkjet printers are one of the best options for printing photos and color documents. In fact, inkjets are the best choice for a combination of printing text, graphics, and photos, but have a high cost per page model.

Laser Printer- Because laser printers are significantly faster at producing black-and-white text documents than inkjet, and are the best option for offices supporting a small team. Known for their text-printing abilities, laser printers use toner to print and often have larger paper trays than inkjets. If you print a considerable number of documents, then laser printers will almost always outperform traditional inkjets, and typically have the lowest cost per page.

Multifunction Printer- Also known as an all-in-one printer, multifunction printers offer the ability to print, copy, scan and fax. Multifunction printers save space by combining the features of a number of separate devices while maintaining the size of a regular-sized printer. Available in inkjet and laser options, multifunction printers are the perfect addition to the fully functional office.
The cost of multifunction printers, both in inkjet and laser varieties, has gone down significantly in recent years, making it perhaps one of the best options for added features. Lastly, connectivity should be considered, to ensure that the printer can be shared on a network with multiple members, and those equipped with Wi-Fi capability can even allow printing in-office from wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets.

businesses save money

Optimize your Settings

Many businesses come across hardware agnostics when trying to match the paper to the media they are printing. This is a simple fix, many printers, such as all-in-one printers, allow you to print on various materials including heavier paper, labels or envelopes. However, the majority of printers are set to print on 20-pound bond copy paper. To optimize your quality, be sure to adjust the printer settings to reflect the appropriate thickness of the material you are using.

Change Color Settings

As a standard rule, if 80 percent or more of your printing is done in black and white, be sure to change the printer settings default mode to (mono), instead of color. When printing in color, it’s important to change your printer setting back to color in the print menu. By doing so, you will ensure higher quality results and will save on the amount of color toner being wasted, reducing your overall printing costs.

To summarize, if your business is struggling to utilize the best print solution, remember it doesn’t have to be an expensive or frustrating process. With the support of innovative technology and local print-solution experts, your business can better serve its community by limiting unnecessary print costs without compromising quality or service.

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