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Why Adobe XD is the Best Digital Design Tool

Adobe XD, initially released as Adobe Experience Design CC in 2016, is widely considered to be one of the best digital design tools in the entire Adobe Creative Suite.

Since its launch, Adobe XD has changed the web and mobile design game for its simplicity and seamless blending of design and development.

Adobe XD is vector-based and flexible, meaning you can ideate, create, design and finalize a digital product all in one place. But why is Adobe XD really the best tool out there for digital design?

Information Architecture (IA) Capabilities

Information Architecture is the first step in building a digital design product. It’s how content is organized and labeled to optimize things like navigation, search, and usability for the end-user.

When using Adobe XD, you can physically build out the IA of your product and enhance it for optimized accessibility and reach.

UI Design

Adobe XD allows you to create beautiful user interfaces, offering a wide variety of vector drawing tools, grids, color, and character styles to support your brand and messaging.

As part of the software, Adobe XD comes with several free resources. You can download helpful UI kits like Apple Design, Microsoft UWP Design, Adobe Experience Manager Core Components, and many more.

You can also create content-aware layouts for larger projects to track your outline while Adobe XD automatically adjusts as your design grows and changes.

Your objects or components will also resize responsively as you toggle between different size screens, maintaining the relative placement and scale between objects.


Adobe XD truly shines in prototyping your design and making it come to life. With Adobe XD, you can take static designs and make them immersive by adding movement triggers, animations, scroll positions, and much more.

As you go, you can preview the prototype in real-time and directly on the screen, giving you an idea of the end-user experience.


There is a free version of Adobe XD limited to 1 shared project, but the software is also available as a single product with a monthly/yearly license or as a part of Creative Cloud monthly/yearly license.

Why Choose Adobe XD

Adobe XD is built for a collaborative design process, where you can auto-animate, use auto responsive design, and utilize the repeat grid feature.

It’s also a lightweight application, which is one of the main reasons why people choose Adobe XD over other resources. XD files tend to be five to ten times smaller, and most XD documents are so light, you might even be able to send them as email attachments instead of the regular cloud-based sharing tools.

In addition, some users have experienced lagging and software crashes when their project extends 5 pages.

Adobe XD is great for the designer who wants to create immersive, multimedia experiences and push the limits of what design can be.

Adobe XD has endless possibilities for creativity and design and can truly take your digital product’s visual quality to the next level.

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