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3 Reasons to Get a Degree in Diplomacy

When considering a degree program, students today need to consider the way in which the current job market is beginning to increasingly emphasize critical thinking skills that can translate across a variety of cultural contexts. Today, companies and institutions are seeking to employ individuals who possess superior communication skills, have experience with research gathering, and have language skills. Whatever career path you are considering pursuing, it is guaranteed that you will need an international perspective to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Diplomacy as a Pathway to Changing the World

Going back to school to attain a graduate level degree is a significant decision and you want to ensure you’re choosing the most practical degree that aligns with your career prospects. Pursuing a masters in diplomacy is one such degree program that can set you up not only to begin a profitable job but can put you on the front line, dealing with some of the most pressing social issues of the day: global poverty, food security issues, and human rights. If you want to make a difference in the world, a diplomacy graduate degree will give you the education to serve in a variety of high-level positions in government agencies, consulates, or even as part of prestigious non-governmental organizations such as the United Nations.

Studying Diplomacy Widens Your Horizons

Pursuing a diplomacy graduate degree can give you opportunities other graduate degree programs can’t match. Programs such as Norwich University‘s online diplomacy degree program provide students with specialized instruction that gives them the tools to be more effective communicators. They will become proficient in a variety of research focuses such as International Conflict Management or Cyber Diplomacy. If you want to push yourself in your career by working and living abroad, while at the same time honing research and writing skills transferable to your native industries, then a masters in diplomacy is right for you. A diplomacy graduate degree provides you with the language and research training to become competitive, so the sky’s the limit on where you should choose to begin your career.

A Diplomacy Degree and Real-World Experience

Even if you don’t envision yourself working as a diplomat or as part of the consulate or Foreign Service system, a master’s in diplomacy may still be right for you. A good diplomacy degree program takes an interdisciplinary approach to education, focusing on how international relations and political science interact. Students learn both leadership and research skills that can enable them to work on a wide range of topics in business, politics, and the humanitarian aid sectors. A diplomacy graduate degree gives you the training to work cross-culturally, an important skill in any field.


If you are unsure about what career path you want to pursue, consider the importance of communication and research skills. In today’s increasingly globalized world, almost all professionals are required to have some expertise communicating and problem-solving with individuals and institutions from all over the world. If you want to push yourself further you must consider a degree program that gives you the translatable skills to work across all cultures.

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