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How to Go From Living with the Amish to Millionaire with Tai Lopez


By the time he was in his 20s Tai Lopez was a self-made millionaire. He is also an author and a member of MENSA: the high IQ society. Tai has read over 5000 books. We are discussing several great books like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert […]

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How To Build A Business And Sell It For $20 Million with Nellie Akalp


What does it take to become a successful serial entrepreneur? Nellie Akalp is a serial entrepreneur.  Nellie started MyCorporation in 1997, a business that helps entrepreneurs start a business. By 2005 her business had a gross revenue of $1 million in sales a month.  MyCorporation was sold […]

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How To Make More Than $10 Million With Voices – David Ciccarelli CEO of


What does it take to build a $10 million business? David Ciccarelli is the co-founder of which is the online marketplace that connects business people with professional voice over talent. Listen to this interview to learn how you: Buy a premier domain name such as […]

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Underachiever to $50 Million Business – An Interview with Stellcom CEO Mark Fackler


What does it take to build a $50 million business? How do you go from being an underachiever to the CEO of a company with $50 million in revenue? Mark Fackler, the founder and CEO of Stellcom, started out as an underachiever yet managed to build a […]

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5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Becoming More Successful


Learn to play an instrument – The piano is the ultimate instrument in terms of skill and demand. Your brain has to process an incredible amount of information as you navigate 88 keys. Playing the piano helps you develop your brain capacity. The piano helps you overcome […]

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The Secret To Building A Website That Sells For $500,000 – Interview with Marc Andre


What does it take to build multiple profitable blogs and websites? I am very excited to have Marc Andre on Success Harbor because he has built multiple successful websites such as ProfitBlitz where he shares what he had learned about business over the years. Marc has been […]

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How To Increase Sales By Nearly $1 Billion – Business Growth Advice


What does it take to increase sales by close to $1 billion? Ben Simkin is a business growth specialist who started BusinessNet which helps businesses generate leads. Ben’s company helped increase their clients’ businesses by almost $1 Billion. Instead of focusing on vanity metrics like traffic, Facebook […]

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13 Ways To Monetize Your Blog


Wouldn’t it be great to get paid for doing what you love? You do it because you love it. It started out as a hobby. You wrote and posted about things that were important to you. After a while you have noticed that more-and-more people read what […]

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Why Most Startups Fail And What You Can Do To Beat The Odds


Do you dream of beating the odds and ensuring your startup is a success? Most startups fail and for multiple reasons. Unsuccessful entrepreneurs will tell you they failed because… they ran out of money or their marketing strategy was weak. Startups are like airplanes, they crash because […]

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Find Out Why The White House Recognized This Young Entrepreneur – Interview with Zipbuds Founder Erik Groset


What does it take to get recognized by The President of the United States for entrepreneurship? Erik Groset is a serial entrepreneur, an inventor and an investor. He is the co-founder of Zipbuds, an audio company that patented Zipper integrated cabling for headsets. Although Erik had stepped […]

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