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How to Track Website Traffic The Right Way

Many entrepreneurs are obsessed with website traffic, statistics, and analytics. Smart entrepreneurs want to be in the know because they realize you can only improve something that you understand. To get there they track their stats and other online activities.

There are many tools that help you stay on top of all this. I saw the need to put those sites and tools in one list. This is because this field has been unclear to a great extent. Before, I didn’t recognize the role played by Google Pagerank, Alexa, Compete or Technorati rankings. The stats provided are not 100 percent precise. They however provide an overview of how popular specific pages are and the number of visitors that a site gets. When such stats are compared with your site statistics, you can get fairly precise results.

I additionally use Chrome add-ons to track sites. Therefore, I do not need to type and go through statistic related pages to get results. With this mode of getting results, it is easier and more comfortable for you to browse, explore and compare sites that you visit. Presently, I am so used to working with these tools that I can’t envision working online without them. Furthermore, can you imagine how important it is to get information about your competitors?

What Are The Best Ways To Track Website Traffic And Spy on Competitors?

Editors Choice: SimilarWeb

Before anything else, I need to mention SimilarWeb. It is a newcomer, yet it has gained a significant level of popularity over the years. These days I simply use this site to keep an eye on competitors, after which I check Alexa rankings to look at how I am doing against others.


I like the feature where you can compare your website statistics to a competitor. It has been utilized by top marketers in the marketing industry to keep an eye on competitors’ best performing promotions and traffic sources. SimilarWeb also has a paid version that provides a lot greater details about website traffic.


alexa-traffic-rank-02042016I mentioned this site earlier, but now I will provide a detailed overview. Alexa offers a wider range of website traffic stats that are based on prominence, reach, speed and in-links. You can compare site information of up to 3 sites. Information provided here is more precise because everybody contributes with the help of Alexa toolbar. When you install Alexa toolbar you get an extremely valuable tool. You furthermore give Alexa back just by visiting pages and using the toolbar. I like this system. Check it out too, you might find it to be useful.
Get Alexa Traffic Rank here.

Compete Toolbar + Compete Site


This site is fundamentally the same to Alexa. It provides an alternative and sometimes a better site for comparing ratings so that you can have more objective information. I constantly use Compete together with Alexa. However, in Compete my site is positioned much higher. This most likely means Alexa’s rating is more objective. I am not sure about this, I am just critiquing myself.

Furthermore, they offer toolbars which is the second add-on I use regularly. It’s the official site toolbar that tracks even the average people visiting your site. Perhaps this data is not so exact. But when I contrast those stats with my site, I can get an actual overview as well as the number of individuals visiting other sites too. There are many other elements in this toolbar that I am not using in my workflow. You can however do some research and find out which features are useful to you.

Google Analytics


Yes, this is the most popular and the best statistic site available. Google Analytics tracks information from your site so detailed. You can invest hours comparing, analysing and assessing your site details. I am certain everyone is utilizing Analytics services by now. If in any case you don’t use it, you can visit their site and take a video tour. The video tour will explain everything in detail better than I could.



QuantCast is powerful website traffic gathering site. It has a wide range of data to assist web publishers to have a greater and clear understanding of their audience and the sites they like visiting after yours. If you want to get clear and precise information about your site, it is important that you become a Publisher with Quantcast. Afterwards you are supposed to add a simple code snippet in your website. This is to allow Quantcast to track and provide you with detailed statistics.

Traffic Estimate

web-traffic-02-04-2016 has been around since 2004. They provide website stats for website owners, buyers, competitors and anyone who wants to learn more about the traffic stats of any website. It is a simple tool, but check it out and let me know if you like it.

Website Grader


Website Grader is a free seo instrument that measures the marketing capability of a site. It gives a score that consolidates things like website traffic, SEO, social prevalence and other specialized components. It additionally gives some essential advice on how the site can be enhanced from a marketing point of view.” Each piece of information about a site is extremely valuable. It gives you a few SEO related tips, domain age, lapse time, Google indexed pages, traffic rank, and more. You can also compare your site with others. This is a must know site which is extremely useful.



AttentionMeter is a great tool to triangulate traffic information from Compete, Alexa, Quantcast. You can install it in your Firefox or Chrome browser. Using AttentionMeter you get valuable information such as unique visitors, rank, site visits, average stay, and pages per visit. Check out AttentionMeter and let me know what you think.

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