How To Start Build and Successfully Sell Websites

What does it take to find new business opportunities?

Kevin Muldoon started making money online in the year 2000.

Between 2001 and 2003, Kevin has built and sold hundreds of websites.

2004 through 2007 Kevin has launched several gambling sites.

For a couple of years, he was making $100,000 a year with his gambling sites with only a few hours of work per week.

Kevin started in 2007 and sold it three years and 2,500 articles later.

Kevin continues to build websites and forums today and he also makes money through blogging for others.

I make money several ways blogging. If you want to start a blog check out my step-by-step guide.

In the following interview, Kevin shares how he built, sold, and started so many websites over the years.


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5 thoughts on “How To Start Build and Successfully Sell Websites”

  1. Hi George,

    Heady numbers here! I forgot Kevin built and sold to Zac. Really neat.

    Kevin’s lesson is in persistence.

    He’s always reinventing himself, finding new ways to connect with his audience, and his blog is a top shelf read. If you’ll just persist, you’ll stand out from the crowd while making a name for yourself.

    I count persisting to be one of the chief factors in my blogging from paradise.

    I changed blogs, and my brand direction, and here I am, writing from Fiji, having slowly and steadily built up my name along the way.

    Thanks Kevin and George!

    Tweeting from paradise.

    Have a fun weekend guys.


    1. Thanks for the kind words Ryan. Apologies for missing this comment before. And thanks to George for setting up the interview.

      I am very jealous of your own adventures. Every time I read your blog you are in a new and wonderful place. I am in Colombia at the moment, but I am unfortunately not staying in the beautiful coast. Still, it’s good to get away for a while.


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