One Google search of “SEO Tips” will get you a ton of the same simple steps to ranking in Google. Most of which are widely used. You probably heard “Use Keywords in Headers” before.

But here are 3 tips that go beyond the basics to really boost your search engine ranking results!

SEO Tip #1: Create Outstanding Content

This tip is the most important of all. If you want great Google ranking results, you must create excellent content. Wouldn’t you rank websites higher in your search engine if they included better content?

Every time you write a new blog post, web page, or product description, remember the value of great content writing. It’s another super easy way to help your rankings.

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SEO Tip #2: Ask Your Customers What They Want!

Obviously, the best way to get a high ranking in Google is to create excellent content. But what that content actually is isn’t so easy to figure out. The best way is to simply ask your customers what they want! Create a simple survey for them to fill out.

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Here are some possible questions:

  • Why do you choose us over competitors?
  • What are some unanswered questions you have about our industry?
  • In your own words, how would you describe our products/services?
  • What keeps you up at night when you think about your business in the coming year?

Of course, these are just a few examples. Depending on what industry you are in, there are plenty of great questions you can ask. The key is to ask. Don’t assume that you know what customers want. That is just another form of laziness.

SEO Tip #3: Perform A/B Split Tests on Headlines

You may get a ton of clicks on a certain headline, but how long are those visitors staying? Google watches how long a user is on your site before they hit that back button. And they care about it. A lot.

If you get tons of clicks but people are going back after only a few seconds on your site, Google will penalize you. You want people to stay for at least a minute or two.

What is the first thing you scan when you read a headline? Big, bold headlines (and maybe bullet points.) So that’s exactly what you need to be testing. Your headlines have to give the reader just enough information to find it useful. But not enough that they feel like skipping the paragraphs below it.

Google Analytics can help you see the pages users find first. Google Content Experiments can be used to test different headlines on those pages. Pick a headline, let Google work its magic over time, and check the results. Did it get the clicks and visitor duration you wanted? If it did, cheers! If not, try a different headline using the same keywords.

So there you have it! 3 super easy, but important, SEO Tips. Of course, the basics are extremely important. But if you’ve done them and still need more to get higher in search results, these 3 tips can help get you there. Thanks for reading! If you found this article helpful, please share it so we can help as many people as possible.

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