We all know what it’s like to see those pesky pop-ups on our computer screens, just as we’re in the middle of something important: “Your computer needs an update. Would you like to restart now?” We also know how tempting it is to put off that update restart in favor of squeezing in some more quality time with the computer. Many of us seem to “forget” the update process altogether. It’s just plain inconvenient, right? Unfortunately, skipping or putting off computer updates can carry some pretty serious consequences . . . so, ultimately, there is no way you can avoid it – that is if you care about your computer’s health. Here are five reasons you need to update your computer:

It’s easy. Not only is updating necessary to your computer’s well-being, but it is easy to do. This is perhaps the simplest reason to stay on top of your computer’s updates. Most computers automatically attempt to update regularly, so just click “yes.” Otherwise, you can set aside just a little bit of time to manually update in order to avoid a world of problems.

Smooth operation. Every time you use a new program, download a new game or install new devices, you run the chance of disabling a previously functioning program, plugin, or device. Updating your system helps work out the glitches and enables every computer component such as ssd to work together as you need them to.

Maximum functionality. There is a team maintaining your operating system from a remote location day and night. This team is working out bugs and innovating on new solutions that can greatly improve the functionality of your operating system. You must update to reap the benefits.

Device drivers. Device drivers are software programs that enable your computer to communicate with and run the devices you have attached to your computer. For example, you have to download a device driver every time you want to use a printer, webcam, mouse, or speakers through your computer. Device manufacturers are constantly updating drivers for maximum usability, and there are also a number of circumstances that can disrupt the proper functioning of your existing drivers; therefore, it is important to update regularly.

Security. New viruses and malware are introduced into the virtual world on a daily basis. These are dangerous threats, and if your computer is unaware of them, it is unable to protect itself against these threats. Updating your computer generally involves downloading new threat definitions necessary to secure your system.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to update your computer. Actually, it is a necessity. Avoid some serious headaches down the line by updating today.