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How Print Marketing is Empowered by Digital

Digital marketing didn’t kill print marketing. It amplified it.

According to the CMI’s 2015 B2B Content Marketing Report print or offline promotion is one of the top three paid advertising methods with its 57% market share.

Print marketing is not only alive but it has become more powerful than ever.

Print marketing is most effective when coupled with digital marketing components such as QR codes.

You can have your QR codes printed on all kinds of printed marketing materials such as:

  • Posters
  • Postcards
  • Business cards – When the QR code is scanned your contact information will be added as a vcard.
  • Brochures – Create a landing page that shows a 30 second video customer testimonial.
  • Flyers
  • Labels
  • Catalogs – Drive people to a landing page that shows your product in action.

Provide a call to action

It is also essential to include a call to action on your printed marketing materials. For example, if your QR code directs people to a landing page, make sure there is a strong call to action.

Here are some frequently used calls to action:

  • Invitation to download report.
  • Call – Keep in mind that a unique phone number on each printed material helps you measure the effectiveness of each marketing campaign.
  • Complete interest form.
  • Subscribe to email list.

Print marketing continues to grow and advance as new technologies emerge.

43% of local retail businesses use direct mail advertising. According to a Pitney Bowes survey, 76% SMBs say their marketing strategy includes a combination of print and digital communication.

Print and Social Media

Your marketing strategy is incomplete without the presence of social media. When you hand your business card to a prospect, make sure your social media links are present. Your printed marketing materials should draw attention to your social media account.

Amplify your social media marketing with the use of print materials the following ways:

  • Add social follow buttons to your print pieces.
  • Create special offers for new social media followers.
  • Promote social media campaigns through print advertising.
  • Print a hashtag on your printed materials to easily track a campaign. Make sure no other brand is already using the hashtag you want to use.
  • Print your Twitter handle on company vehicles, to advertise your company while on the road.
  • Include social comments to share what people say about your brand.
  • Communicate exclusivity in your CTAs.

Print Marketing Stands Out

It is much easier to blast out 50,000 emails than to send 50,000 direct mail pieces. There is much more competition online for customer eyeballs than offline.

When you invest in print media it stands out more. Why? Because it is used less.

Consider how many emails you receive in a day. The number of direct mail pieces sent is a small fraction of social media posts and emails sent. What that means is that your print materials are most likely receive more attention.


Print marketing has been and continues to be important part of a well rounded marketing strategy. The most important part of print is to maximize its effectiveness by combining it with emerging marketing tactics. By understanding how digital and print marketing work together you can get much more milage out of your marketing efforts.



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