Passion is the best entrepreneur painkiller.

What keeps entrepreneurs going? Is it?

  • Greed?
  • Hunger for more power?
  • The wish to be the boss?
  • Their inability to be employees?

I doubt it.

In a world where most businesses fail, greed cannot be what keeps entrepreneurs going. There are safer ways of making money. You can always get a job. You don’t have to risk starting a business. While getting rich might not be the greatest of motivators, financial stability is highly desired.

Hunger for power sounds like something entrepreneurs might be interested. Realistically, many entrepreneurs feel powerless much of the time.

It is true that you are in charge when you own a business. It is also true that you are far from bossing people around. You can’t boss your customers around. If you are lucky, you will serve your customers. You also can’t be bossing around your employees. They can easily find another job.

What’s almost always true about entrepreneurs is that they are driven to entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurs are terrible employees. They have a deep inner desire to build a business that is their own.

I think entrepreneurs are passionate about business.

Passion in business is important for several reasons:

  • Passion keeps you going when the going gets tough.
  • Passion helps you get over failures.
  • Passion will energize you when you are down.
  • Passion will help you build a great team.

Does passion guarantee business success? Of course not, but it will help you many ways and it will make your entire entrepreneurial experience more enjoyable.

There I’ve said it. I have been thinking about passion and business for a long time.

photo credit: Smiling businessman