One of the most important things businesses must always be on top of is cost.

This is even more important for those who run a startup. If you’re looking for ways to save up on funds and keep operating costs at a low, then here are a few essential things you need to consider:

Less Travel Costs

That’s one of the advantages you get from using cloud-based communication solutions, says B2BMarketing. And it’s one of the best. You can reserve most of your travel funds to meet up with important clients and save the rest. Need to meet up with your remote teams? Go online. Plenty of apps now make it easy for you to reach out to your team whenever and wherever you or they happen to be.

Less Commuting Stress

By using technology to bridge the physical gap, you also effectively eliminate travel and all the stress and hassle that it puts onto your staff. Remember that stress affects employees at the workplace. If you have stressed teammates, then it’s likely that they aren’t performing at their best and most efficient. That cuts into their productivity and anything that affects the quality of their productivity affects your business output. If you don’t want stress to mess with your bottom line, using these conferencing solutions will help.

Less Hardware

In the past, if you wanted to start up your own business, you also had to invest an enormous amount of money into your communication infrastructure. For some, that meant spending a lot on equipment set in a large room, manned by 24-hour IT experts. These days, establishing your very own communication infrastructure doesn’t have to take up so much money and space. With cloud-based technologies, you won’t even have to set up any specialized hardware.

While you’re certainly free to outfit an entire room back at the office with the latest systems equipment for video, that’s a small price to pay for the convenience that you get: that is, easy and convenient access to an app that can perform on different platforms and channels. This makes it easy for you to switch between your laptop, iPad or mobile. If your laptop’s battery runs out, and you have a meeting in 30 minutes, just turn on your mobile, use it to log on to the meeting and you’re good to go.

Less IT Assistance

One of the best things about technologies like the online conferencing for IT app from Blue Jeans—a longstanding name in the field—is that they allow you to upgrade your communication infrastructure and use it thoroughly with little to no help from your IT team.

Remember the days when you had to call in your IT experts just to make a single phone call happen via a conference call? Remember how you had to rely on IT teams just to get your presentation up on the screen?

Gone are the days when you had to rely on your IT team for every little thing. With systems that are easy to download, install, and use, you finally have little need for help, allowing the company to channel IT resources more wisely.

Hiring Remotely

A lot of startups all over the world employ geographically dispersed employees. The advantages are obvious for both parties. If your HR team is having a tough time finding the right hire for a position, a bigger talent pool is sure to give you the leads you need without compromising on your hiring goals. For employees, it gives them a better chance at employment opportunities that might have otherwise never existed or that they might have ignored. This is especially true for talents who want more than the traditional 9 to 5 schedule.

Remote Teams

These apps also make it a whole lot easier to run and manage remote teams who work from anywhere around the globe. If your management team is in Europe and the rest of your marketing staff are in Asia or the U.S., it’s easier to get in touch with them through these handy tools.

By eliminating distance and travel, on and offsite teams are able to meet regularly, face to face, on video, for little to no cost.

Better Schedule

Harvard Business Review says that a lot of work-from-home employees demonstrate higher levels of job satisfaction and happiness. It’s easy enough to see why. With less need to travel, employees are able to stay at home and enjoy more time relaxing from a hard day of work. They’re more in control in terms of their day-to-day schedule, allowing them to do more and live more.

It’s no wonder that employees with flexible telecommuting setups are happier and more satisfied than the rest of the workforce. That matters. Because everybody knows happier employees bring that positivity on board, allowing everybody to work harder and better than the rest.

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