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You want more sales, right?

Increasing sales with landing pages is an inbound marketing strategy used to maximize website traffic. A landing page is a way to market to a target audience that you may not have been able to reach otherwise. These pages exist separately from the company’s primary website and are built specifically to gather data elements from site visitors. These data elements will later serve a marketing purpose.

There are landing page vendors available that can create and build your landing page for you. These vendors highlight specific software features as well as capture metrics that are important to your business plan. Additionally, Landing pages can be built to interact with corresponding Facebook and PC ads, which is key in the data collection process.

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If you are not yet using landing pages, you are not maximizing your profits. It’s as simple as that.

Landing pages allow you to increase your sales because they tailor your page towards a specific audience. This tailoring will enable you to hone in on various sectors, expanding your reach to a larger and more diverse target market, which you may not have reached, otherwise.

In addition, landing pages help you increase sales by providing a data collection form to collect information from this targeted market.

Below are items to consider when creating landing pages:

Understand your intention for collecting this data

Know the reason you are collecting consumer information from Landing pages. Increasing sales through landing pages is possible, but you need a plan-of-action. Why are you collecting this information? Do you need a mailing list? Are you establishing a benchmark for interest in your product? Do you need an email list of prospective clients you can reach out to?

Whatever the reason, know your goal before you start the process so that you know what you are working towards.

Offer client/customer incentive

Make sure you have an enticing reason for your site visitors to complete the landing page data form. Otherwise, there would be no real reason for them to give you their information freely.

Are you offering a coupon? Is the consumer getting something of value for their time?

You can’t expect consumers to reveal personal information out of the kindness of their hearts. They need a clear incentive to provide you with the data you are seeking. Your landing page should clearly state what’s to be gained from giving this information.

Maintain consistent branding

Transitioning from the Landing page to other linked pages should feel like a seamless process. To accomplish this, you need to ensure consistent branding throughout all web pages.

This is important because consumers are suspicious of bait and switch techniques. Because of this, you need to do everything you can to put consumers at ease. Maintain uniformity in fonts, colors, branding, logo, wording, and overall message.

Communicate efficiently

Keep your messaging clear, concise, and simple. Your messaging should clearly state calls of action in as few words as possible, such as: “Click here to get started.”

Besides, make sure your landing page isn’t too cluttered with information. Your goal should be to the web page visitor to intuitively know where to find the answer. Keep the design simple and the page user-friendly. When in question, less is more.

Customize your URL

There are numerous vendors you can use to help you create your landing page. Regardless of the vendor you select, you need to ensure you can customize your URL. You want to state the purpose of your business in the URL, without cramming too many keywords into it.

Create a simple design

Keep your landing page clean. Do not provide too many links, social icons, tabs, drop-down menus, etc. This will only clutter up your page, confusing the client.

While you want to offer optimal features, you don’t want to overwhelm your site’s visitors. You simply want to guide them to complete the task at hand. Don’t distract them with landing page excess.

Ensure compatibility for mobile devices

In order to increase sales through landing pages, you need to ensure that your site is accessible from mobile devices. Make the mobile pages simple to use, containing as few fields as possible. Requiring minimal effort on the visitor’s end ensures better results. Simplicity is key to landing page success.

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