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INTRO: Hello everybody and welcome to Success Harbor Broadcast with George Meszaros, where it is all about making success happen for you.

Success Harbor: Hello everyone. This is George Meszaros with Success Harbor and I have Richard Marriott with me. Richard is the man behind Clambr a blog that shows how to get your site discovered and increases popularity. Welcome.

Richard Marriott: Thank you George and thanks for having me.

Success Harbor: Thank for being here Richard. Let’s start out by talking about how you started your online career on eBay, can you tell when you started and what you sold initially.

Richard Marriott: Yes, no problem. Basically I was doing a Chinese degree and I spent one year in China and I wanted to go back for another year as a kind of extra year abroad and to save up money to pay for that I needed to make some money pretty fast and so after working as a Waiter for a while I was counting my bank balance up and I realized I’m not gonna be able to save enough money so I jumped onto eBay and started researching a little and found out that there is all these people selling clothes through China like Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and all that stuff you know I didn’t if it was real or not at the time and then I thought oh I would set up an eBay shop and see how it goes so I bought a load wholesale clothes from a supplier and then wacked up a load of adverts and then started selling them one by one.

Success Harbor: And then this was while you were in China or while you were in the UK?

Richard Marriott: This was first in the UK I had to pay for my plane ticket and everything the money started coming in. I got enough money to fund a year abroad in China and pay for college and that was done in literally about three months from eBay and then I flew over to China and when I got to China I kind of scaled up the business. So, then, I decided to try and become the wholesale supplier rather than selling t-shirts individually. So I found a source myself and then in the early stages I used to drive my motorbike from one side of Beijing to the other to pick up all the orders I had on eBay, and I had this massive work stack and I put like about 40 or 50 cashmere jumpers or t-shirts stuffed into the work stack and I would drive 1 hour across the other side of Beijing to this cheap Korea post office and package them all up and then send them to the UK or whatever. So it actually grew to become a bit kind of, how would you call it? It grew so much I had to actually employ someone to help me with it in the end and we then would literally ship off 10 boxes a day of these wholesale clothes and making a hell of a lot of money from it.

Success Harbor: So, when you mean wholesale, you mean you sold to businesses instead of consumers?

Richard Marriott: Basically, we sold to Ebay sellers, for example, one guy wants to sell a lady a Ralph Lauren t-shirts, he needs to find a wholesale supplier. I’d sell to those guys on eBay who needed the wholesale bulk and then they sell those individually, so it was all on eBay, everything on eBay.

Success Harbor: Okay and was shipping not too expensive to ship all that stuff from China to Europe?

Richard Marriott: It was very cheap back then because the exchange rate was really in our favor back then.

Success Harbor: Ok.

Richard Marriott: So, it was amazing like about $100 to send a box of I think maybe 20 t-shirts it was ridiculous it was so cheap.

Success Harbor: What year was that approximately?

Richard Marriott: That was in 2008.

Success Harbor: 2008. So, now there was there an issue, I read on your blog that the business ended as a result of the exchange rate and poor quality of products your fulfillment persons sent. Can you share how that happened?

Richard Marriott: Yes. That was pretty terrible actually. As soon as I got back to the UK I left the China and with my business partner, who was suppose to keep finding the same quality clothes and sending them back and everything. But, he started sending absolute crap in the post to these people who bought them and one by one we got huge complaints on eBay I got bad feedback and a few threats as well.

Success Harbor: Not life threatening I hope?

Richard Marriott: No, luckily not but a few kind of threats like blackmail, so I had to pull the plug on it on the entire thing then just scratch my brain to work out another way to make money. Because you know you want to have a good lifestyle at University so making money on the side was always something I used to do.

Success Harbor: And then u started selling mascots on Ebay?

Richard Marriott: That was a bit random, you see I got into mascots because I was really freaked out about the whole eBay thing. Actually, customs came knocking at my door at one point and they wanted to ask me the origin of my clothes. I was a bit freaked out so I thought ok I got to find something that is totally legitimate and I am not going to get screwed over for.

Success Harbor: So did they think they were like knockoffs or counterfeit stuff, I mean or was it?

Richard Marriott: They might have been but I am still not 100% sure I knew they were made in the same factory and there apparently what you call second not sure what they call knockoffs. They are made in the same factory but they make them when the lights are turned off secretly.

Success Harbor: It’s funny because when I was in China just before the Olympics we bought stuff, not me, but some people bought some things that were actually was you said made in the same factory.

Richard Marriott: Yes.

Success Harbor: I think it was The North Face or something really expensive stuff and when the bus would stop these people would come up to the bus and they said, I don’t know if it is true. They said all this stuff was made in the same factory that the stuff you buy in the US, I don’t know if it’s true but it’s kind of crazy.

Richard Marriott: Yes, Yes I don’t know if is true that at the time would like to think it’s true and I believe it was true. Yeah, that’s all I needed.

Success Harbor: So, the mascots and why mascots?

Richard Marriott: Well, I kind of liked animals I found them pretty amusing and also, there were lot of people selling them on eBay but they had really crappy adverts and I don’t think people could trust a lot of the sellers on eBay and it just looked like easy business and the mark up was pretty good on each costume so, yes, so just into mascots. It was a bit random the whole choice but it made a few bob each month to be able to give me a good life at University, play poker and what not.

Success Harbor: Ok. Then, after I guess this was after you graduated from University you went into the steel business and you wrote a kind of a dog eat world decided to change the way you sell steel by moving it online. How long did it take you to see that the way that these guys are selling steels is not the best?

Richard Marriott: Yes. Well, it didn’t take me long actually, after about three months of working in the company I was just sitting around each day looking at what we were doing to get sales and it just was really inefficient to me. So basically what the sales team would every day they go on the internet, try and find some steals suppliers around the world and then they write a standard template email which was absolute crap most of the time and they’d just send the 100 emails a day to try to find customers and that really caught any fish. Unfortunately, the sales team I was working with, their level of English was very poor. So they couldn’t make sales calls either so they literally relied on email for everything and it just dawn on me, wait a minute, why can’t we get the customers to find us instead of wasting all this time trying to find them and then we could focus more on selling.

Success Harbor: And what year was this?

Richard Marriott: I think it was 2012.

Success Harbor: So in 2012, there was really no online way of buying steel?

Richard Marriott: Well, there was but the thing is there was no website competing. So people could rank on online these steels keywords but the thing is websites were absolutely appalling, they’d be doing some very very bad SEO and I mean they were people doing it but we worked out a way where we could out rank everybody pretty fast and then turn all those visitors into leads. It’s amazing the steel niche if you looked in that niche, that industry, all the websites are incredibly tired and outdated and so we just thought let’s quickly make something new and then get inquiries every day.

Success Harbor: Yes, that’s so interesting because you’re talking about this billion dollar industry and everybody is thinking about weight loss and personal finance when it comes to websites and a lot of people ignore these huge opportunities and I would imagine this is one of the many.

Richard Marriott: Oh my gosh honestly if I had time and if I had the team of people right now I would make a big kind of steel portal website because there is nothing out there.

Success Harbor: Wow.

Richard Marriott: Then I would drive a load of links to it, bump up some press and then just you would be able to sell it on so much it’s like all the Chinese supplies at the moment they are still using very outdated techniques for example you know Alibaba.

Richard Marriott: Yes, so they were all going onto there, Alibaba, paying Alibaba thousands and thousands a year to get premium listings which basically puts their keywords at the top but all they need to do is make really high quality website with good content and they would outrank anyone but they are not doing that they are still using the old methods so that’s just one little niche that’s ready to be absolutely slaughtered but I know there are hundreds more of it just like that.

Success Harbor: Incredible.

Richard Marriott: Amazing isn’t it?

Success Harbor: Incredible. Now, with the success of your steel and they are few other sides that you have worked with approximately at the same time you wrote that you became an SEO addict.

Richard Marriott: Yes.

Success Harbor: So. Was SEO was new to you at that point as well or where what was happened at that point?

Richard Marriott: It was very new I was always knew about SEO and I got one of my friends to help me on the SEO for my little mascot website I ran a while ago. So I knew about it and then what I did first actually when I made these websites for this Chinese company, I made the website, wrote the content and got all the conversion things sorted out on the websites like big buttons and funnel for getting leads. Then I had actually had to employ an SEO but luckily I had read enough about SEO that when it came to interviewing guys for the job I found one that was actually pretty good and he did a really good job but before then I’d read about SEO, I knew about it but I had never actually done it myself and only onsite SEO which is what I did for the websites and then when they employed this guy, he did the link building.

Success Harbor: Ok. So, let’s talk SEO today this is 2014 and obviously changes all the time and there are all kinds of Google updates you know, Panda to this and that basically and you know it’s a major challenge for a lot of people because people have limited time and sometimes because there are so many things to do you don’t know what the heck to put your time into. So if you take a brand new blog like you take mine Success Harbor or any other blog you know I have been online for a few months, what should I focus my time on? Because obviously, there is an infinite different number of things you can do right?

Richard Marriott: Yes.

Success Harbor: So, if you only have time, maybe an hour a day or a few hours a week what should we focus on?

Richard Marriott: Well I will say, your site Success Harbor, one of the things you could do dramatically, immediately to get a better SEO would be to transcribe of your audio, videos into words. So, for example, get all the content written out, that would be a good thing because then you would be able to rank a lot higher for these experts you interview.

Success Harbor: I started that as a first, it’s time-consuming; you’re talking about thousands of pages of content right off the bat you know with all the interviews. So transcribing is good, so you suggest it for everyone if it’s a video on their site or audio. Transcribe it as soon as possible make it crawlable.

Richard Marriott: Exactly. Make it crawlable.

Success Harbor: What else?

Richard Marriott: It’s is amazing because we found recently that time spent on pages now I think is one of the biggest factors and in the new niche site we made, for example, we have five big power pages and these power pages, some of them have 8,000 words some have 18,000 words which is unbelievable right? We found that we were able to rank those simply by first getting a lot of traffic to those posts and then just people spending ages on the page and then Google see these signals and then after that, after only building just a few links, those pages skyrocketed up Google because you know Google knows the high-quality pieces of content and so the main focus these days should be to make your page be the ultimate best resource online possible with as many words as you can and also to make sure it’s very nicely split up so it goes step by step through the posts.

Success Harbor: Ok. So, transcribing would be one thing. What else can bloggers do?

Richard Marriott: Transcribing videos as well of course to keep time on site, it’s all about sticky content I think at the moment because as you know people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and they just jump off a page and in few seconds or whatever if they are not grabbed. So what we focus on now is trying to grab the user in, so if you going to give them some secret advice, you’ve just got to keep adding some “keep on reading because later I am going to reveal this or blah blah blah”. Just keep them glued to the page and it’s a huge ranking factor.

Success Harbor: Ok. What other things can bloggers do or anyone with a website for that manner? Transcripts, sticky content, what else do you have?

Richard Marriott: Well, at the moment, I also to do a lot of link building at which is the bulk of my work I really think. I mean a lot of people these days, obviously, some like to focus on social media for example and they are experts at social media but I have a to be a bit honest, I’m a little bit of a sociopath so I think a bit of a bad thing running a blog. I can’t deal all the noise the constant going on and trying post every hour or what not and retweeting and all this so the way I get around this, is I focus this pretty much 90% my time on emailing people cause I find that emailing people you can solve everything. For example if you want to get your post tweeted loads or loads of Facebook likes, you just email all those influences who you know have big social followings and share the post with them and maybe link out the new posts and then get them to do that work for you so then you don’t have to worry about spending all day on Facebook or Twitter or trying to schedule your tweets out. Instead, you send very targeted emails to the influences you know can cause a lot of shares to your post, email them and get them to do it for you. I find this works with everything and also for example for using Reddit, a lot of the time in the niche I’m working in and other niche is I’ll find out who in that niche shares a lot does a lot of stuff on Reddit and who’s got a lot of karma and everything and then when I got an important post I will get them to post the Reddit link for me and then I’ll email it.

Success Harbor: How does that work?

Richard Marriott: It’s quite easy you just maybe give them a link from your post and then you hit them up. “Hey man, I linked you from my post, oh by the way I noticed your really active on Reddit. I don’t actually have a Reddit account myself I’d love it if you’d help share the link for me. Then, they share that link and because people on Reddit don’t like it when you share your own stuff. And then what I will do is I will go on to Fiverr somewhere that and buy a load up votes. This is pretty cool, I’ve don’t this a lot of times, you can pay people to up vote on Reddit and then these people would go on Reddit and up vote that post and then if the link stays at the top of that for a long time you get a heap of traffic. Then if you got sticky content and people are reading that post when they get it free from Reddit then that’s giving loads more signals to Google that it’s high quality content and then after that you just build a few links and it’s just the magic formula I found.

Success Harbor: And do you use some kind of software for your link building and outreach knowing people that you would recommend or it is still the old fashion way?

Richard Marriott: Yes. I do actually use a special software it called Buzz Stream I actually use them a lot and write about them on my blog you could schedule your emails, you could make sure you don’t accidentally reach out to the same person again, also you can make really personal sounding emails very quickly with all these kinds of drag and drop fields. So I do everything through that software.

Success Harbor: Ok. So, it makes the process faster, easier to manage the work for you. Ok so you know I like that because I have actually interviewed several people that don’t do anything with social media and they still have tons of traffic they make a lot of money, they have a lot of influence and I like to hear that because I think sometimes people think you have to do the same thing that other people do but so many options out there.

Richard Marriott: Your totally right there George, I mean with social media, if your an expert on social media, go for it, if that your thing if you love hanging around Facebook all day then for sure. But there are definitely other ways of doing it and sometimes the oldest tricks in the book like emailing are the best way, it’s behind the scenes, no one knows what you’re up to but the most important thing is traffic, right? Finding the best way to get traffic is definitely more valuable and then getting those people onto your list.

Success Harbor: So if I want to get a thousand visitors per day to Success Harbor, what do I need to do in the first 24 months? Basically, you mentioned transcribing, sticky content, link building using something like Buzz Stream maybe then Reddit as you mentioned, reach out to people, influencers on Reddit. Anything else or do you think that’s the secret recipe or not secret but that’s the recipe to get there?

Richard Marriott: Yes. I mean what you could do is, obviously you’ve interviewed a ton of really big names on your site, some really cool people. So if you get those posts transcribed and maybe you can outsource that to someone on Odesk or something and save you the time and then just Google that person’s name, get everything single site that has ever mentioned that person ever in the history of time or you don’t have to do that but get a large amount. Then I’d go and email those people and ask them to perhaps add a link to their page where they have talked about that a particular person you interviewed and then 100% thing should be to try and rank for some of these experts’ names so if you put all the experts names into Google and then find out who’s getting searched the most and start with them and just keep on going like that.

Success Harbor: Ok. That’s great advice, I like it because it is kinda like old fashion like working with the email it’s a little bit different I think a lot of people don’t really want to do that kind of stuff anymore. I interview so many people and networking is really what comes up over and over and over. Just reach out to people, get to know people, be useful to other people, network network network, it’s so valuable today, you mentioned I’ve interviewed so many people it’s funny because I looked on new and noteworthy and I am on the top page, I am actually on the top row and it’s the first time that’s happened and I am up there with Tim Ferris who I really like and a whole bunch of other people that I follow and followed over the years and books that I have read and you know. It has nothing to do with the interview but I just came to mind, that I am kind of stoked about it.

Richard Marriott: Yes, that’s absolutely awesome.

Success Harbor: So you had a post you made on May 14 about building a site in just 90 days to get to get 9,000 dollars in revenue per month. I read that today you have about 500 visitors, probably more than that since u wrote it. Where are you with that project in terms of revenue and what is your strategy to grow the traffic to that site?

Richard Marriott: Ok. That’s great. I love to talk about this as well. Ok so I was very naive when I went into the whole project, I was like we’re going to make 9K in 90 days and it was a catchy title but I think a bit too naive at the beginning. But we’ve seen some amazing growth in the last month or so, what we have done basically at first was we created a huge amount of content, so we launched a site on at the end.

Success Harbor: When you say huge amount does it mean those really long posts that you talk about the multi thousand words or is this the very many posts or separate posts?

Richard Marriott: Ok. So, 16 posts in total when we launched the site, it was a bit of a crazy thing to do but we launched with 16 posts and some of them were 3k some of them were 5k but most of them were 1.5K long as average. But then what we did was after the site launched and we showed it was pretty quality site, we then did a couple of expert round ups and that was to create really huge pieces of content, these power pages and then after the round ups went out -I think that was in February- we then just went on massive link building binge as it were. So we have already got the content, we were already pre-emailing most of the important keywords in their niche so now I mean the focus is just to build the links and get those up Google. What happened, we are now taking in over 750 visits a day and I think we are going to hit the 1,000 mark in a couple of weeks if we continue at this at this rate because I posted that post in May, we were at 500 visits and it’s gradually growing.

Success Harbor: So, you give us an idea of how many links you mentioned you wanted to a link building being. How many links have you built let’s say you are very close to a 1,000 so just say to get 1,000 visitors a day. How many links did you have to build?

Richard Marriott: Well, the answer is I can’t use this word because it is a swear word but it begins with a “F” and ends with a “K” and the next word is” ALL” so “F -ALL” honestly hardly any links whatsoever what I have done is focused on creating the best possible links I can get so when I find a page I really want to link on, what I will work out a strategy to get that one link and from the main power page which is 18,000 long. All I did was actually build about 6 links to that power page but they were all really hard earn links.

Success Harbor: Okay, so give us an idea like in that niche or whatever if you don’t want talk about the particular niche you could talk about business. How do you identify? I think some people have to build 1000 links for anything to happen but this sounds very doable to me but give us an idea of how you found those links, what makes a really good site for you to use and then how do you reach on to those sites?

Richard Marriott: Okay. Well, what I want to first is find is a post from a very high quality website so to make sure a website’s quality I use Majestic SEO or interest and I will check the domain to see if it’s got some good domain authority with most and then I will make sure it’s a quality website. Now with that, it’s very important the link isn’t contextual. By that I mean if you’re going to do a post for example on dog training, you want it to rank for dog training. Then you want to find an article that’s very high up on Google where they are writing a lot on dog training in the article and then if you can get a link to that post then that is going to be massive for you right. So what I do first is I want it to rank for a particular keyword which let’s say was training poodles. So I typed in something like training poodles into Google and then variations of that and then I found some very authoritative blogs that wrote about that and then what I did was I work out a strategy on how I can get a link on that particular person’s blog. Now, one way I did it when I find a link I really want…. Let me just quickly say what makes a really good link. Basically, the site has to have a very high authority so it has to be a good site with a trusted site.

Success Harbor: Do you use something like Moz? How do I know what site has high authority?

Richard Marriott: Okay, at the moment I like to use Majestic SEO actually because they have this thing call trust flow and it shows you how trustworthy the site is so it means it’s got a lot of good links and trustworthy sites and it’s got a good link neighborhood and the matrix on Majestic will show you that. So you want to look for sites like anything above a trust flow of 10 and then anything above that. A real site would be much higher so much higher than 10 like 14 or 15 or whatever so that would be a high trust flow. For interest as well a really good site would be like Aetrex rank say 80 or anything between 60 and 80 would be really good so if you read up on those numbers you work out roughly what it is they are varying, different software.

Success Harbor: Okay. That gives a good idea so now we know that first we would have something to do with our niche and it has good authority so those are the first things then what happens?

Richard Marriott: Also if the page is writing a lot about your topic then that’s awesome, if you can get a link on that page then you know it’s not for example if I was wanting a link from training poodles, then if I got a link on very a trustworthy site that for example was Techcrunch but the article is all about mobile phones, then yes it’s a high authority site but that link wouldn’t help much because it’s on a page which is totally unrelated. So it’s also very important to get a contextual link so within the text of someone who’s writing about a topic. So I will tell you how I got one of these links, there was this page I really I really wanted a link on, so what I did was I looked at this person’s website and I put them through a tool Screaming Frog SEO Spythetal. Basically in this to, l you can find out which of the pages on this persons site has broken links so I put the entire site through this tool and I found out any of their pages that had issues; for example an image missing for a link or whatever. Then what I did was I actually included this person in an expert round up, so I included them in an interview a bit earlier on, a month before and so then they knew me they knew like we’re cool, we already given them a link on this cool page. Then what I did I’d just go back and then I sent them a massive report of all the problems with their site and said what they should do to change them and this didn’t take long, it took almost an hour and then what I said was by the way you got this awesome page on training poodles you wouldn’t perhaps mind adding our link to the anchor text for poodles? They said yes sure of course you just helped me out with my entire site of course I will give you the link. So that the way we earned that one, but after getting that link, we shifted up Google pretty much the entire page within a very short space of time and then it’s just links like that. I also got a link on someone’s home page widget which is crazy, they put a link to our site from their homepage and on every page of their blog. I did that by pretending I was a girl and being really flirty and it took a few emails but I went in there and said this is Natalie or whatever and I kind of warmed up to them and they put the link on their homepage widget. So its just different tactics for different kind of links and that’s the way I do it, just emailing people.

Success Harbor: Be useful, provide value, and give before you ask for something. So you know these are so simple ideas but I don’t know people forget those, it makes sense to me. I have a few more questions I know we went over 30 minutes. I hope that’s okay I have a few more questions, can you stay for two more minutes?

Richard Marriott: Yes, no worries.

Success Harbor: These are some general entrepreneurial questions. You’ve been in business for years and it’s really important for our audience to hear what your opinion on these things is. What is the most important thing for an entrepreneur to do during the first 12 months of being in business in your opinion?

Richard Marriott: Ok. The first 12 months?

Success Harbor: Yes because let me tell you why it’s important to me most businesses fail and they fail within the first 1 year right? So what can they do in other words to help them stay in business? Because that is a really crucial time.

Richard Marriott: Yes. For sure as long as it takes, don’t launch that business until you fully research the market and know your way in, that’s the first bit of advice. Before you even think of starting a website or anything, make sure you properly have researched the market and find a special angle you can go in, which is totally different to everyone else. Otherwise you will just get lost amongst all the noise and I’d also recommend heavily networking even in the research stage before you launch a business, so drive up a lot of excitement to the people in that industry. So you haven’t even launched a blog yet but they’re already getting excited. So then when you do launch, you’re not just going to go off like a lead balloon, that’s one of the first I do and then once you do launch continue the networking.

Success Harbor: So networking, prepare and make connections even before you actually start your business and the research part and respect the business so you know exactly what you are getting into?

Richard Marriott: Yes. Exactly. Definitely, initially I would recommend if we are talking keywords, go after some much less competitive keywords in your first posts and then once you built up a few links to site and you got a more authority, then chase the more competitive keywords cause it would be easier for you to rank once you’ve got some links site, some authority, people are interested. Then you can find out all of the linkages from your other posts that you already launch to those new big posts which you are targeting harder keywords and that will give you much better chance of ranking to those.

Success Harbor: So what do you think is the biggest time waster for entrepreneurs? This could be in your experience in your own business or what you see around from all the people that you know in business?

Richard Marriott: I definitely say the biggest timewaster is trying to do too many things at once. When your getting into blogging, it can be so overwhelming, you read posts “oh this guy should be telling me I should be doing this I should be getting on Tumblr and Pinterest. This guy is saying I should increase my Twitter followers, this guy is saying get on YouTube set up YouTube account” I mean the most important thing to do, things like that for example dabbling in different things at the beginning, what you need to do is just focus on mainly one social network at a time or mainly one a particular strategy at a time rather than spreading yourself thin. I think too many people try to get popular on the different social networks, they waste too much time on that, when they should just be focusing on building up their traffic. So the biggest waste of time is just letting all the noise get to you and stopping you from assuming what you originally set out to do. I’m sure so many times, I’m sure you have experience it George, you are on a course to do something and someone something in your ear saying oh you’ve got to be doing this and then you stop half way through what you’re originally doing, try something else and then once you done that you know you’re just in a mess right?

Success Harbor: Yes it makes sense to me try to stay focused and don’t get distracted.

Richard Marriott: For sure yes.

Success Harbor: If you could train someone, say you have a friend or someone in the family that sees your success as an entrepreneur and they have a job now they want to try to become a entrepreneur, what would you teach that person if you could train that person to be successful entrepreneur, what would be the first thing you would teach them?

Richard Marriott: I think that the first thing would be to teach them how to maybe…… you need to cut this George I am trying to think.

Success Harbor: No it’s good I appreciate it when you think about it that means there is value.

Richard Marriott: First thing to teach them?

Success Harbor: There are people that succeed and there are people, that fail there are people that can build businesses over and over and they know just have it down. What do you think is one thing? I am sure there are more than one but what is one of those things?

Richard Marriott: I think one of those things would be to teach them how to respect their competition, not sure if that sounds right.

Success Harbor: No. it’s good, respect the competition.

Richard Marriott: Yes, respect the competition, learn from the competition. You might think oh I am going to do a business, a new bakery site and I am just going to beat everyone up, my idea is so good, I’m gonna kill everyone. But if you don’t respect your competition then if you go full in and you just launch your idea and expect it work and it doesn’t work and it fails and you end up scratching your head thinking why the hell did it fail, such a good idea? If you didn’t actually research the market to see how your competition is doing it and actually realize that they were doing it that way because that way works rather than thinking oh my way is going to work then you’re not going to screw up. So respect your competition. Even if you think they are not doing things right, they obviously are doing some things right because that’s why they’re there now and that’s why they are successful. So no matter how crap or lame you think a competitor’s business is or how much you can beat them, they are doing something right, they are the ones ranking Google right and currently making money, so respect the competition. I guess that would be the first thing.

Success Harbor: Yes that’s good I appreciate when you think about it and it doesn’t come out that easy because that means you actually think about it so it has good value. So how can people connect with you or learn more about you Richard?

Richard Marriott: Okay. You can head on over to my blog which is Clambr.com that basically is the word clamber as in clamber up without the “e”, I could not buy the domain name with the “e” obviously because it was bloody expensive and then the second you could do is follow me on Twitter @clambr. Those are basically the two places that you could find me. I’ve also just launched a brand new YouTube channel called Clambrup where I’m going to be releasing plenty of high speed link building video tutorials which show you exactly how I build links and rank my sites. So that’s how you can find me.

Success Harbor: Yes, that’s sounds great, you know may be at some point check about that niche site that your working on at the moment maybe in 6 months or a year I would like to give an update to my audience to maybe some of the things we have learnt from you to go through that process. Everything you told me was really awesome and I really like the actionable items that you talked about so I very much appreciate and I’m sure our audience as well.

Richard Marriott: This has been an absolute blast, I really enjoyed it and yes I would love to update you when this niche site is making loads of money and hopefully that’s gonna be soon.

Success Harbor: Okay Richard and I’m not just saying it, really reach out to me, let’s hear when you reach that 9000 or get close to it. Ping me and we will either do another one these or appendix or whatever but I definitely want to give an update because you know I think you have some really good ideas and I wanna share it with people.

Richard Marriott: Cheers man, that’s brilliant. That’s for sure I will put it in my diary right now.

Success Harbor: Thank You Richard.

Richard Marriott: Okay. Cheers George.