Digital marketing is a necessity for every business. They usually hire a digital marketing agency to promote their business online. However, not everyone follows professional ethics, and many are only interested in getting the maximum out of your bank account to theirs.

It takes a few months before you can see that the digital marketing efforts have brought any results. So, by the time you realize that you hired incompetent service, it’s usually too late. Here I’ve shared a few signals that tell you from the beginning that your investment is being used in the right place.

Increased Website Traffic

The very first signal you will notice is the increased website traffic. Remember, there are two types of website traffic.

  • Paid traffic
  • Organic traffic

Paid traffic usually comes through advertising, where you have to pay for each click or view on your ad. The organic traffic are the visitors that are your social media follower, click on your result in the search engine result pages, or directly visited your website by writing a website address.

You need both types of traffic. You can learn more about how pay-per-click works by clicking here.

At first, they might bring only paid traffic, but make sure that they are also working to increase organic traffic. Furthermore, you should monitor how much you had to pay for each paid visitor and if it was worth it.

Increased Social Media Following

Digital marketing practices don’t just focus on increasing search engine rankings. They use all digital channels to promote your business, which includes social media channels.

First, make sure that they chose the right social media website to create your business page and run paid campaigns, if any.

Second, how they are increasing your social following. If the likes and following on your page has increased, it means it is working whatever they are doing.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

It’s usually the most important part of every digital marketing campaign. People search queries relevant to your products or services on the search engines. A digital marketing agency will do its best to rank your website for those queries.

You should see where you rank for the target keywords and how your rankings have improved over time.

Make sure you ask for the keywords before the campaign starts and see your ranking for the location you are targeting. Google is the most important of all search engines, and it shows different results to people from different locations.

Better Conversion Rate

Some unethical professionals might follow black hat practices to increase your website traffic. It’s a great way to fool your clients. They place your ads on apps and websites where they automatically get clicks.

This might bring people to your website, but they didn’t intend it. They will close the tab with your website right away because they are not relevant.

You should monitor how many of those visitors became lead or customer.

The conversion rate will show the answer. If you have little to no conversion, this means that something needs to change.

Study Key Performance Indicators

It’s not just the conversion rate. You should also study the bounce rate, click-through rate, and dwell time of your website.

Furthermore, see how many sources of traffic have been built for your website. For example, how your email marketing campaign is performing.

If there were any people who got annoyed by your emails or content, you should know about it because you probably lost a potential customer there.

At last, you should see the overall return on investment. See how much business you were getting before the new campaign and how it can improve your revenue.