how to be more organized

How to Be More Organized In Everyday Life

There are a few good tips and tricks to being more organized in your everyday life that will help you be the most productive and assertive you.

First, as great as technology is, you need to start writing things down, on paper. Writing stuff down will help you feel less overwhelmed amongst other great things.

This is something that you have probably heard many times and for the 100th time, here it is again, you have to make schedules and set realistic deadlines you can and will stick to.

DO NOT let things linger, instead, handle everything as soon as possible. Putting things off create unnecessary additional stress. You have to create for yourself, in whatever way works for you, an organized system of putting things away. This will save many hours and bars of your body’s battery.

Try your best to automate as much as possible in your daily life. Clothing should be prepared the night before so no time is wasted the next morning deciding what to wear. All bills should be all set to the same day and placed on auto-pay, that way you can remember what day everything is due and if you paid it. Meals should all be made on the weekend and stored in the freezer for the week. You can even be so bold to label them for every day of the week.

Finally, make a checklist to review. Keep track of all your daily responsibilities and activities to help you get everything done and from one stepping stone to the next. If you implement these tactics in your daily life and stick to them, you will master your life and just maybe reach your full potential.  Check out this cool infographic from Clipix to help with organizing your life!

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