Finding inspiration to start a creative process can be even harder than actually creating something.

Especially if you have a content strategy and you need to start making content right now, or you miss the deadline.

Well, to keep you on a schedule with your marketing tactics without providing any boring or questionable content, you need a dash of inspiration. It can be very hard to find because, as a content creator, you know, that sleeping muse is not the one who can be asked for help.

So, let’s wake up your muse and give her a job to do with our top eight ways to get inspired to create content.

Go see what your competitors are doing

Sometimes you need just one push to find an idea. It can be helped by going for a walk or getting involved with absolutely uncreative tasks, like doing dishes. Or you can go and look at the existing competitors’ content, and it can inspire you like that.

You can also glean a valuable bit of information that will help you to improve your content strategy. For example, you can analyze how many videos your competitors use in their blogs and how effective it is for them.

Next, you can use this information and improve your own video materials to make your blog look better than theirs! Feel inspired yet?

Ask your followers for help

Sometimes the best ideas come right from the people you make this content for. If you are stuck at the crossroads and you just don’t know what to do next, ask your followers and customers for content ideas.

They can have valuable suggestions on what they would love to see from you. Thus you will make content specifically for them (as you always do), and they will absolutely come to see the piece when it is ready.

So, to ask them, you can do a survey, send an email, or add this question at the end of your video content. Believe us, some of these ideas will absolutely spark your interest and bring you so needed inspiration.

Use social media

Pinterest was created to inspire! Every time when we are stuck in the creative process, we simply continue our content analysis and go to social media for inspiration.

One human cannot know it all, but with help from creative souls from the internet, you will absolutely find brilliant ideas that will ignite your inner flame of inspiration.

Go to your team

Your team is the ones who help you grow your business, and they are as much interested in great content for your company as you are. So, when your creative muse just isn’t there, use the one that serves your team!

Gather together and start brainstorming ideas, making jokes, and just having a good time to bring yourself in a good and inspired mood. We absolutely believe in the power of teamwork, and we are sure that with the help of your colleagues, you will find inspiration just like that!

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Tips for different creators

Every creator is a separate and unique soul, and the process of getting inspired differs from creator to creator too. Good content ideas for a writer can be not so great if you are a Youtuber, and vice versa, so in this part, we will share with you our more specific advice for writers, musicians, and video makers.

How to get inspired to create written content

Writers are the people who are in love with words and their power. If you don’t know what you can write about, just start reading.

Grab your favorite book or the one you craved for months, and just start reading. The author’s style will be your inspiration, and you will find the power inside of you to compile words again.

  • If you already have a topic but can’t get yourself into writing, try to connect with the subject.
  • If you write about cooking, you should cook.
  • If you write about tech, go to a store and look at them, and if you need, ask salespeople to help you.

How to get inspired to create a video

Creating video content takes a lot of skill and inspiration. However, if your topic is boring to you personally, you can easily be stuck with it for a long time.

So the first thing we always do if we can’t get into the theme, we start researching more. For example, if you need to make a script about SEO tools, find creators who made interesting videos about it, take notes and try to come up with something similar.

You can also try to convert your previous content and upload it to other social media to get inspiration from new followers, as we mentioned earlier. After uploading, ask for the crowd’s opinion and get some ideas from there.

And the last thing that will work is if you are looking for ideas. Try to do something absolutely new for your channel or blog, but do it about the thing that interests you. Make it a step outside the box and a fresh experience you might have craved this whole time.

How to get inspired to create music

Music is one of the hardest things to create, and if you are a musician, you know that finding and inspiration can be more challenging than anything.

So, to find inspiration for music, you need new experiences. Go hiking, travel out of your town, just go for a walk and try to feel the spirit of your town. Try to relax, clear your mind and reflect on your current state. Maybe you are stressed out, and your muse just can’t get to you.

Next, try to play a different instrument to find a new sound or collaborate with a fellow musician. This new experience can be just life-altering.

And the last, but the most important thing: don’t push it. Inspiration is not something you can force, but it will come if you try to put yourself outside of your regular box. Good luck!