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Now is Your Time for a Cloud Based Phone System

Businesses that succeed are masters at focusing on what matters the most. They also understand the power of growing their business without building an expensive infrastructure. Cloud based phone systems enable businesses to grow without investing in expensive on-premise PBX systems.

If you want customers to reach you wherever they are and you want to reach them wherever you are, you should consider a cloud based phone system.

cloud based phone system

Thanks to cloud based phone systems, “your office” is now wherever your team is located. All they need is a connection to the Internet and they are good to go.

One of the greatest benefits of a cloud based phone system is that your business doesn’t have to build a PBX system. You don’t have to maintain, update it, or manage it. It just works. One less thing for you to worry about.

A cloud based phone system helps you to quickly connect new phones at new locations. There is less equipment to set up. In addition, you don’t need to hire a professional PBX installer. With a cloud based phone system, all you need are phones and a Internet connection. This way you can grow your business faster with less expense.

Note: You don’t need to worry about upgrading your cloud based phone system. It is all done by RingCentral for you.

cloud phone systems

The RingCentral Office integration for Google for Work turns Gmail into a robust business communications hub that enables users to communicate and collaborate in real-time, without ever having to leave Google.

Now is the time to switch to RingCentral cloud phone system if you need:

  • A complete phone system that you don’t have to install or manage yourself.
  • An enterprise cloud PBX at a low fixed cost.
  • A phone system that supports virtual or multi-location teams.
  • Business SMS and chat features.
  • A painless way to facilitate conference calls.
  • A phone system that is updated for you.
  • To be able to sleep at night knowing that you don’t have worry about your phone system.
  • Fast disaster recovery. In case of trouble, all you need to restore is your phone device and Internet access.

Here are a few examples of cloud phone benefits for various types of businesses:

  • Construction – Set up a phone system quickly at a new construction site and integrate it within your enterprise.
  • Real estate – Real estate offices can set up virtual extensions for each agent while maintaining a unified identity.
  • Startups – If your team is growing fast, a cloud based phone system is the most cost effective option to scale quickly.
  • Franchise – A cloud based phone system allows your business to make, take, and manage calls across multiple locations.

Reducing the network cost and complexity of connecting multiple locations.

Moving your business phone system to the cloud can increase staff productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce IT costs. All of this is possible in the cloud. Businesses that make the move will gain a competitive edge.

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