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Different Types of Lawyers For Small Businesses

“Business Lawyer” is considered an umbrella term that covers lawyers specializing in different aspects of business law. If you’re a business owner in need of a lawyer, you’ll benefit from hiring one who can meet your specific requirements. While you’re searching for lawyers who have experience in business law, it pays to learn about the different types of business lawyers that exist to make an informed decision.

Here are the types of business lawyers you should know about.

General Business Lawyer

Unless you’re not dealing with a specific scenario, a general business lawyer can provide you legal counsel on a wide range of matters related to the general functioning of a business or starting a business. Sometimes, general business lawyers are used for assembling a team of lawyers to handle certain specific legalities and would be your point of contact depending on your case.

Labor and Employment Lawyer

When you operate a business with many employees, it is wise to take legal advice from an employment and labor lawyer. A lawyer specialized in this area of law can draft manuals for employees and ensure that the business operating standards are maintained. Additionally, such types of lawyers with expertise in this area can help protect your business from situations that can arise from sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, and unethical terminations.

Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer

Whenever businesses are being bought or sold, you have to negotiate for the assets and properties of those businesses. As these are big and sometimes complex dealings, you may not always be aware of what you are entitled to during the negotiations. It is always a good idea to have a mergers and acquisitions lawyer to sort things out for you in such instances.

Tax Lawyer

Having a certified accountant to handle your taxes for your business greatly helps in keeping your books balanced and makes your tax filing an easier affair. Certified business accountants help greatly when your business gets audited. However, sometimes you may face the brunt of legal action from the tax authority against your business. A tax lawyer can bail you out of such a predicament.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

It is recommended to have an intellectual property lawyer if your company has its own patents and trademarks. These lawyers are experts in dealing with copyright infringements and issues concerning brand recognition, trademarks, and patents.

Contract Lawyer

While many business owners tend to make their contracts based on templates found on the internet, these templates may not be specific to your business and sometimes cause legal issues. A good contract lawyer can provide you with the correct information and ascertain which contracts would be best suited for your business. Ensure that your business gets adequately represented by hiring a contract lawyer to handle the contracts and renew them periodically.

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