You want to become a more successful entrepreneur, right?

We all start a business wanting to succeed. Here are some fun ways to increase your chance for business success.[adrotate group=”4″]

Learn to play an instrument

The simple fact is that playing an instrument increases brain capacity. The piano is the ultimate instrument in terms of skill and demand. Your brain has to process an incredible amount of information as you navigate 88 keys. Playing the piano helps you develop your brain capacity. The piano helps you overcome your innate right or left-handedness. According to a study by Dr. Ana Pinho, playing the piano creates an extremely efficient connection between the different parts of the frontal lobe compared to non-musicians. Your frontal lobe is responsible for integrating a ton of information into decision-making.  If the piano is not your instrument, try the guitar. Guitarists are said to be more intuitive than most. Drummers a known to have an innate ability to problem solve and change those around them. According to a study by Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, there is a link between intelligence, good timing, and the part of the brain used for problem-solving. Researchers found that those drummers that could keep a steady beat scored higher in an intelligence test than those who couldn’t.

Play brain games

Your brain is like a muscle. To keep your brain in shape, make it work. Brain games provide a fun way to sharpen your memory and cognition. There are many brain fitness programs and apps on the market. One of them is Lumosity. It was developed by neuroscientists to help people improve their memory, concentration, alertness, and even mood. A University of Michigan study found that practicing memory tests improved the ability of twentysomethings pattern solving skills. Just like physical exercise, cerebral calisthenics improves your brain fitness.[adrotate group=”4″]

Learn a foreign language

Bilinguals have denser gray matter in their language centers than monolinguals. Bilinguals are better able to focus on two tasks at once. They are more analytical. Parts of their brain devoted to memory, reasoning, and planning are larger than those of monolinguals. Learning and practicing a second language is a workout for your mind. Bilinguals are also more creative. Language learners, at any age, benefit. Learning a new language may improve your focus and information processing skills.


Meditation is derived from the Latin word medicus, to care or to cure. Meditation is one of the most effective remedies for the busy, overworked mind. Entrepreneurs deal with stress, and meditation can help bring focus and calm your body. Meditation enables you to see clearly and reduce self-involvement. The great thing about meditation that it helps you even when you are not meditating.  15-minutes of meditation per day could improve the rest of your day.


In its simplest form, travel breaks you away from the routine. You get to forget about problems with your business. It also helps you view the world from a different perspective. It reduces your stress level. As you meet new people and discover new places, you widen your perspective. You eat new foods and experience different cultures. You may see opportunities where there weren’t any before. Once your return from your travels, you will be more productive than before.


Many of the entrepreneurs we have interviewed here on Success Harbor talk about the importance of networking for success in business. The most important part of networking is not meeting more people, but meeting the right people. Visit groups related to your business and your niche. Before you join a group, make sure the leadership is competent. It is also important that the group culture is supportive if you decide to join a group volunteer to get more visibility and access to members.

Also, network online. I like Twitter and Linked the most for meeting new people. When you reach out to people, make sure you know something about them. Do a bit of research, so when it’s time to connect, you can talk about familiar things.

One of the most important parts of networking is to be helpful. Don’t confuse networking with sales prospecting. Offer a way to help or at least compliment the other person. Position yourself as a resource for others.

When it comes to networking, there are two goals. One is to get to know the right people; two is for the right people to get to know you. All of this takes time. Don’t expect networking to do magic for you overnight. Networking is a long term commitment.

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