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Do you want to better monetize your website?

One of the biggest challenges for bloggers and authority website owners is monetization. There are so many options to monetize your site. The question is: “What is the best way to do it?”

My guest today is Gael Breton who is one of the founders of AuthorityHacker. Gael has a lot of practical advice for us on better website monetization. Gael talks about the monetization tactics he is using on his websites.

If you are looking for advice from someone with real-world experience, you will love this interview. Gael is generating a six-figure income per year with his websites, and his goal is to get to six figures per month by the end of the year.

We cover the following and more website monetization topics:

  • How does Gael monetize his websites?
  • How to evaluate a niche from a website monetization perspective?
  • How does your monetization tactic impact your content creation?
  • Should we focus on affiliate marketing or create our own products?
  • How to structure content to optimize for monetization?


In the following interview Gael talks about how to think about monetization from niche selection to content creation, so you can better monetize your own site – – Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes:


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