Unified communications is something that many of us may think that we’re unfamiliar with. It seems like one of those business-orientated technical words that only corporate people use. But what if I said that Unified communications could rapidly improve the rate of growth within your business, improve productivity among your workforce, as well as reduce the costs of your internal and external communication strategies? Here are just a few ways unified communications can improve the competitiveness of your organization or small business.

Improved Communication Internationally

Unified communications (or ‘UC’) products, such as instant messaging and video conferencing, are a superb way of opening your business up to international markets without the threat of accelerated costs. UC service providers deliver these essential business services, usually as part of a package involving a variety of software, and sometimes a strong broadband or fibre internet connection too. These cloud-based services allow you to call international markets without having to spend valuable income on pricey call charges. You can now simply communicate effectively and chase international sales leads just as easy as you would with a business operating just around the corner.

Improved Productivity

There’s no denying that instant messaging, voice conferencing, and all the key components of unified communications can have great effects on the productivity of your business and workforce. Whether it’s allowing your workforce to answer calls outside of working hours or away from the office, or it provides a simple way to answer calls and transcribe important messages to clients, it offers a much simpler alternative to putting off that long and arduous business call that you’ve been deliberating over.

Technology is good for your image.

The companies that really enjoy the benefits of rapid growth are the ones that adapt the quickest to new technological developments hitting the market. Unified communications and cloud-based hosted communication systems not only improve the productivity and international presence of your business, but they also highlight to potential sales leads and rival companies that you’re a company who is professional and means business. The image of your company operating at the forefront of the market, using modern technology highlights you as reliable and trustworthy presence in your sector.

Hopefully, this article has provided some valuable insights into the benefits that unified communications can have on the competitiveness of your business. Technology is not something that business owners should be scared of, more something that should be embraced and used to utilize economies of scale within your day-to-day operations. Whether it’s providing cheaper costs when it comes to communication services, improving the productivity of your workforce, allowing your business to penetrate international markets easier, or simply highlighting your business as a progressive face within its sector – unified communications services provided by UK-based companies like Gamma are the smartest way forward for your organization.