Training is significant for small scale business as the team members wear multiple hats. Since they are given many responsibilities, they must complete all their work efficiently.

A learning management system (LMS) will guide you in enhancing your work skills through e-learning programs.

The best LMS creates, delivers, and tracks the training process seamlessly.

Here are the top 5 LMS companies ideal for small scale business as they are budget-friendly yet have the key features that an LMS should have.

iSpring Learn

A cloud-based solution is the best to overcome all disk space-related issues. Keeping in mind this, iSpring Learn offers cloud-based corporate training to your colleagues.

With a wide array of functionality, this LMS company doesn’t fail to provide you with an easy-to-use interface.

Their multiple options and customization make them the first choice for any business structure-small or big.

The distinctive features of iSpring Learn are:

  • Powerful authoring toolkit to create your courses.
  • Blended learning capabilities like Zoom web meeting.
  • Certifications and Gamification to improve learners’ performance.
  • Mobile App to access 24*7 training content.
  • $2.82 pricing with three flexible pricing plans.


Video-based e-learning never fails to impress the learners. uQualio is specially made for those learners who enjoy creative learning methods.

Webinars, animations, infomercial nuggets, simulations, demonstrations, be it any kinds of videos, uQualio accepts all formats.

It is perfect for onboarding, product sales training, cybercrime prevention, customer training, and much more.

The distinctive features of uQualio are:

Customizable Gamification features to create motivating courses.
Asynchronous and blended learning for all kinds of learners.
Canned reports and automated report scheduling to analyze learners’ performance.
Improved security to safeguard your course from hackers and viruses.
Just $54 for 40 users per month and multiple plans to fit your budget.

Cortex Learn LMS

A FREE option is always preferred. Yes, the basic version of Cortex Learn LMS is absolutely free!

It has an inbuilt authoring tool to create your own interactive e-learning courses.

The Scorm wrap video content feature in this LMS company to collectively upload and present video content to your team members.

The distinctive features of Cortex Learn LMS are:

  • Branded LMS portal and login page for users and content creators.
  • AICC/Scorm standards to offer intuitive LMS.
  • Targeted dashboards specific for training needs.
  • Personal learning calendar for your team members.
  • Access to a wide collection of templates and designs to customize your course.


Moodle is yet another LMS company that offers free and open access to all its users.

Its scalable and customizable features make it desirable for thousands of startups and small scale businesses.

Since it is open-source, you have the flexibility to use the LMS based on the training needs.

The distinctive features of Moodle are:

  • Latest SCORM specifications to ensure your course functionalities.
  • Improved grade book to understand your learners’ activity and performance.
  • Automatic email reports of your team members are sent to you at predefined intervals.
  • Manage internal team and customize the course module based on the roles.
  • A multi-Language support system to train in convenient language.


Chamilo is an open-source LMS company that focuses on improved access to education for all.

It has a clear communication channel to communicate with all your team members taking part in the training.

However, the LMS is accessible only through strong internet connections.

The distinctive features of Chamilo are:

  • Content repurposing option to present relevant content.
  • SAML2/API Integration to authenticate users’ login access.
  • Bulk user actions so that the server doesn’t fail due to overload.
  • Customize certifications by course and curriculum.
  • Free trial and Freemium are some pricing plans.

The Bottomline

These are some of the best options for LMS companies in the market. We hope this extensive analysis is a starting point for selecting the best LMS for your business.