Despite the rise of social media marketing, email marketing is still far ahead in terms of ROI compared to any other marketing channel. Don’t believe me?

Have a look at this statistic: According to a survey report from 2017, email marketing had a median ROI of 124% — which is nearly four times higher than that of any other marketing format.

It is 2019 now, and email marketing is still as dominant in the marketing industry — if not more. Therefore, today, we are going to discuss some amazing email marketing trends so that you can grasp the actual importance of email marketing.

Let’s get started!

1. The Rise in Email Marketing Automation

Automation, in general, is on a veritable rise. From effective customer service to targeted email marketing, automation has made things extremely easy for marketers and salespeople. No wonder they are increasingly turning to email marketing automation. Prospects are likely to respond better if you use customized automated workflows, specially tailored to cater to their needs.

But which automated workflows performed the best?

As per Omnisend’s analytics report, order confirmation automation workflows came out as a clear winner with a whopping open rate of about 58.8% per campaign. When it comes to the order rate, cart recovery automation workflows showed the best performance with an order rate of 2.35% per campaign. Custom automation workflows seem to leave behind every other automation workflow when it comes to capturing customer attention, with a high click-through rate that ranges up to 17.27%.

2. When is the best time to send a pitch through email?

Did my prospects even open my email? Do you often find yourself wondering along these lines? If yes, then don’t worry — you are not the only one.

Now, we don’t have any magic solution that will make sure that your emails get opened at any cost. That said, we have some email marketing statistics that can help you alleviate this problem a bit. These email marketing trends are likely to come in handy while running an important email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Trends by Day:

According to a research report by Omnisend, email marketing campaigns sent in the first ten days of the start of the month showed better performance than the ones sent after that. If you send your email marketing campaign by the 10th of each month, then your open rate will be around 18.56%, and click-through rate is likely to be around 5.59%. If you get late and send the campaign between 11th to 20th of the month, then your open rate will be around 18.55%, and click-through rate is likely to be around 5.92%. The email marketing open rate drops further at 17.87% if you send your campaign between the 21st to 31st of the month. Even the click-through rate drops down to 5.24%.

Email Marketing Trends by Hour:

Getting the time right for your email marketing campaign is as important as the content of the campaign, if not more. Because, if you don’t send your emails at the right time, then your prospects are unlikely to open them. Then what good will the content do in this case? That’s why we put extra emphasis on getting the time right.

Some people may think that sending an email marketing campaign early in the morning is their best bet. Because we all know that folks check their notifications first thing in the morning. However, according to statistics, email campaigns sent around 4 pm garnered the best order rates, with an average of around 10.66 orders writing one campaign. On the other hand, email campaigns sent around 5 pm witnessed the best performance in terms of click-through rate.

3. Signup form conversion rate

A qualified email list is no less valuable than a gold mine. Because the better your email list is, the more revenue you will generate. And this is where signup forms come into the game. However, you have to make sure that you use the right combination of fields for your signup forms. For instance, some signup forms ask for the combination of email and the first name to subscribe to the newsletter.

According to Omnisend’s research, the combination of Email and contact number performed the best with the success rate of about 9.56%. This was followed by the combination of Email + First name at 8.05%.

Parting Words

Now armed with all these email marketing trends, you know exactly how powerful email marketing can be. Don’t get swayed by naysayers who claim that email marketing is going to end soon.

After all, the numbers cannot lie, can they? From creating awareness to generating new leads, marketing and sales departments are still dependant on email marketing. And it is not going to change any time soon. So if you haven’t started with email marketing yet, start today — you have a lot of catching up to do.

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